Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Occupation Bakercraft Jman, Pastry
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Greenish-blue


Dark brown waves sit atop this young man’s head, 3/4’s of it swept up and over to the side so that it bunches on top just the slightest. Below that thick crop of hair is an angular face, its strong jaw offset by a fairly thin nose. His eyebrows are of medium thickness with just the slightest arch at the far ends. Underneath long lashes are a set of green eyes that seem mostly green, but occasionally reflect blue depending on lighting. His visage is completed by a set of lips that seem permanently twisted in a slight smirk (unintentionally). Fairly broad shoulders taper to a narrow waist and long legs. His collar bones seem to be a point of pride and are typically flaunted with a simple v-neck t-shirt. There’s little bulk to this man, but a touch of subtle strength can be noticed if one looks closely enough.


There are those that enjoy the outdoors, and there are those that don’t. From an early age Sylvarin learned that he was /definitely/ part of the latter. This wasn’t terrible given that he grew up in Fort. he was the second son out of 4 children born to a brownrider father and baker mother. While some of his siblings took after their father’s footsteps, he was far more attached to his mother. Most afternoons would be spent in the kitchens with her, so it wasn’t surprising to anyone when he apprenticed with the Bakers. He certainly had a knack for the craft, though most knew to steer away when he was testing new recipes. For someone who knew flavors well, he had (and still has) an absurd amount of fun smashing together things that didn’t go well together. Still, he did fairly decently and when it came time to walk the tables he chose Pastry as a specialty. With the new rank of Journeyman he was also given a new post and found himself in a very new environment.


Name Relation Location Position
Vreiner Father Fort Weyr Brownrider
Sylvana Mother Fort Weyr Bakercraft, Master
3 siblings Brothers/sisters Various Various



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