Tylynn grew up near Telgar with her mother, Lynna. She always thought the man her mother married was her father, until he died… Lynna finally felt safe in telling her daughter her father's name - A dragonrider's. After her step-father's death, paired with her mother's too-soon interest in a minor holder's son, turned her eyes towards finding her true father. After all, what harm could be in finding lost family?

Needless to say, Tylynn found out. Her father, Eastern Weyr's Weyrleader and Leah, his weyrmate, found their life tossed about a bit; And imagine Lynn's suprise when Leah's green Searched her for Eastern's hatching!

After not Impressing at Eastern's hatching, she followed the other Weyrs' Searches in hopes of finding 'her' dragon. After all, she'd been Searched in the first place, right? But Hatching after Hatching passed, leaving Lynn frustratingly on the Sands. She returned 'home' to Telgar, halfway to 15 turns and wanting to visit Lynna. Imagine finding her mother handfasted to the 'lordling' she despised and a younger brother newly born!

A rather enraged 'Lynn returned to Eastern Weyr soon after, returned there by Chrissa and. Once away from her mother, Tylynn returned to her normal cheery self, and began to help around Eastern more.

R'ton and 'Lynn were re-introduced when Lyrath decided that T'lynn's daughter was needed at Xanadu Weyr's Hatching. A hopeful 16 (and change) Turn old was whisked off as a Candidate, once again leaving Eastern Weyr.

After a month of scrubbing floors, dishes, and anything else needing water to be clean, Tylynn got to touch the eggs with some other Candidates. Making new friends in Leann and Lymera, she was most impressed on the sands by an ebony swirl egg and the Queen's egg. She'll tell you it wasn't so surprising (although that's a lie) when the ebony egg hatched, and after a long looking, the dusky blue hatchling Impressed and gave his name to her - Yyrith.

Already, Yyrith is curious as a feline. This young fellow is always prone to asking questions about everything, from the sky above to the tiny grain of sands lining the beaches. He is atuned to his lifemate, putting her needs first. If she is hungry, he will make her eat. By that, he could shove her off with his muzzle or tail, or refuse to go on sweeps until he's satisfied that Lynn's belly is full. He is also quite silly at times, and loves to behave as a canine, slobbering across any unsuspecting victim that might cross his path.

The most important thing to Yyrith is that he is her lifemate, her best friend, and would follow Lynn to the ends of Pern and beyond.


Name Relation Location Position
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Blue Yyrith


Title OOC Date Cast
Tylynn is Searched November 24, 1998 R'ton, and Tylynn
Weyrling Lesson 1: Dragon Anatomy December 07, 1998 A'iom, Alicia, Leann, L'nec, and Tylynn
Egg Touching - Gold Promith x Bronze Lyrath December 1998 Axiom, Lanec, Leann, Lymera, R'lann, R'ton, and Tylynn
Xanadu Hatching, December 1998 December 1998 Alicia, Axiom, Calson, Crysional, Epsie, Fiona, Kaela, Kipanna, Lanec, Leann, Lymera, Lyrath, Promith, R'lann, R'ton, Siana, Stephen, Tylynn, Zachary
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