Natural waves of dark mahogany brown, peppered thoroughly with silver grey, fall just to the edges of Tylia's smoothly curving jaw. Faint age lines crease the area around her bright green eyes, though they do nothing to detract from the simple yet attractive looks she maintains in maturity. It is hard to notice the average quality of her somewhat thin lips due to the highly noticeable dimples and finely curved eyebrows that dominate her features. She stands at around 5'8" tall with a fairly average build, maintaining womanly curves without being too overbearing or too thin.

Fine stitching of white and cream crisscross along the hem of Tylia's thick wherhide jacket that lies closely fitted over a plain yet dignified white blouse. Simple sandy brown wherhide pants cover her legs, the ends falling over the tops of her rather scuffed and well-used boots. The knot on her shoulder indicates her status as a Junior Weyrwoman.


Born as the third child to the unlikely pairing of a Journeyman Weaver named Evan and an Assistant Cook named Filia in Southern Hold, Tylia was alwayys destined for the epitome of Hold life in the bustling and warm community of her birth. For much of her life she was convinced and quite happy to remain within the confines of the place that had been her home for her entire life. Robbed of her mother at an early age due to an outbreak of illness, the girl had steady relations in the Hold with her father, a new step mother and three brothers, including one half-brother. Not to mention she had as much interesting work in the kitchens and grounds as she could find, being ag odd in her obsession with making sure things were done properly. Things changed one day when Brown Gizareth and his rider appeared in the dining area of the Hold one morning while Tylia was helping to place set the afternoon meal. Before she knew what was happening, she was being whisked away to stand for Gold Ilyriath's latest clutch at Southern Weyr.

After the fateful day of the hatching that would change her life forever, Tylia found herself with a brand new golden lifemate by the name of Solarith. Many happy turns were spent amongst the people of Southern Weyr, accounting for a good portion of pleasant memories of far gone clutches and friends. The era in the South was short lived, however, as a growing need for riders in the northern High Reaches Weyr had captured the attention of Southern Weyr's leadership. Having an excess of gold dragons at the moment, Tylia and a small group of riders of various colors were sent to supplement the other Weyr's numbers.

Upon arriving in the chilly Weyr, Tylia quickly learned to forget about the cold and get down to business as usual. Later turns of events would bring her to be Senior Weyrwoman at High Reaches for several turns, which included an unfortunate invasion of the Weyr by the Renegades during her time in the top spot. This incident nearly cost her her life, though an injury in an extreme blizzard would end up forcing Tylia to step down early a few turns later in favor of Hassaleah taking her place. Both she and Solarith are fully healed from their injuries and have stepped back into active duty, taking on the lesser responsibilities of a Junior Weyrwoman. Even so, Tylia still seems to find the most work possible to do, even though her position may have changed and her age continues to grow.While most all of her children are grown now, she has the care of her young granddaughter to contend with along with her duties, though a little extra work never hurt Tylia.


Name Relation Location Position
Filia Mother —- Deceased
Evan Father
Ciren Brother
Sh'ran Brother Bronze Uilanth
Rylan Half-Brother
J'cob Weyrmate High Reaches Weyr Bronze Orakath
Aria Daughter (N'raan)
J'ak Son (J'cob) Rider to Brown Cailanth
Lija Daughter (J'cob) Xanadu Weyr Weyrling to Brown Arkonuth
Yliaph Son (Ph'eid)
Lily Granddaughter (J'ak)


A Stack of Straw Gold Eumelia
Her hide is of the palest straw gold, warmed and dried by the light of a kindly sun. The bleaching has slowly drawn nearly all the metallic glitter out, leaving the gold somewhat flat but still warm, soothingly blonde. Her build is slender and supple as a reed and she shows more flexibility then most of her sorority. As she moves, the elegant frailty of her wispy form floats along as a straw rides the wind, buffered up and down in a graceful dance. Her wings are the sheaf rising up towards Rukbat, plump ripe golden grain that tumbles back over the pale blonde sails and leaves droplets of bright metal on the pale gauze. They continue to spill down over her back and tail, finally coming to rest as a brilliant pile composing her bright tail spade.

Rusty Lonesome Dove Bronze Kyne
Tall and proud. That's all that comes to mind when looking over Kyne's often upright form. His wing sails look like they have been covered in cinnamon, running into a deeper bronze along the edges. His little head shines in whatever light can be found, and he looks rather haughty and debonair in almost any spot he deigns worthy as a seat. A dark bronze coat covers most of his body, leaving indistinguishable muscle ridges; along his neckridges are rusty bronze flecks and along his wings, their metallic like sheen is most noticeable.

Licks of Icy Blue Fyre
The angular head of this rather angular firelizard is the blue of glacial ice, with his nose being the palest shade before white. Down his neck, the shade of blue turns more to that of sky in the high alpines in the middle of summer before softening to soft shades of pale sky blue that intermingle with near white swirls across his velvety hide. His wings shimmer with shades of soft periwinkle that turn to a pale lavender along the edges. His sleek forked tail continues the pale shading scheme with the colors fading to a powder blue.

Nighttime Flower Green Ayla
While this firelizard is, in fact, green, it could prove difficult to say as such with much certainty. Her hide is quite dark, nearly black, with wavering green undertones across her body, her coloration paling slightly along the underside of her muzzle, running down her stomach, though it is still far from a pure green. Her wings are dark as spars cross each sail, and even her ridges seem unable to break the darkness from the top of her head to the tip of her tail.


Morning's First Rays Gold Solarith
Dawn's first light is captured on the hide of this golden queen, those pinkish first rays of light that skip along the fine boning of her head and back betwixt narrow headknobs. Shadows chased away from her eyeridges by sunlight to leave them hidden down along her throat. Rounded ridges move along from the slight first start at her head and then slowly grow larger as they move down her body, limned with rosy tints all the way to her tapered tailspade. Sunlit gold reflects on her shoulders, before curving back into the smooth increase along her chest that leads into slim flanks and angular haunches. Faded pale yellow that showcases the bones and muscles of her feet before even those shadow the dawnlight pale hue of her talons with their near half moon shape. Shielded along her body are her wings, gold laced morning clouds that spill across her wingsails and drape the translucent membrane in the morning light. Lighter even still are her wingspars, delicately wrapped in the metallic gleam of icily perfect near white gold and cloud to support that treasure of gold.


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