Tied behind his head in a long runner-tail is light sandy brown hair that flows just past his shoulders. However, his bangs usually escape the tightly-done black string to fall in front of his pale green eyes that overlook a rather long nose. His face is rather well-defined from the curve of his cheekbones to his angular chin, it causes him to look slightly more mature and older than he really is. A light tan coats his skin from extended periods of time spent under the rays of Rukbat. Rather short for his age, he stands at a wispy 5'5 which consist mostly of his legs and his lanky arms. His fingers usually have green smudges about them or else have dirt underneath his his nails from working often with plants.

He can usually be seen wearing a light blue button-down t'shirt that usually has the first few buttons left undone. The sleeves ove his shirt are usually folded back on themselves to alow more room for the muscle of his arms to show and the tail of his shirt is usually allowed to rest over his khaki-brown shorts. Leather-brown work boots adorn his feet as well as white-socks that don't extend very far past his ankles and just show past the ankle of his boots. A leather corded necklace is usually seen about his necklace with felt fake flowers woven into the leather, a similar bracelet can usually be seen about his right wrist.


The youngest, and only son in a family full of girls was never exactly easy for Tsenik, being the fourth child in the family. He was born in a rather remote hold in the south to his mother and father after trying multiple times for a son. He got along well with his sisters, who seemed to rather enjoy tormenting their one and only brother. Even from an early age, Tsenik always rather enjoyed planting and growing flowers and various plants. Whether it was because he enjoyed being around the flowers, or because of the growing of stuff, or perhaps he just enjoyed the smells. He was always helping his mother with her flower bed, or tending to other plants in the hold, or even growing his own plants in pots. Eventually, Tsenik decided to move out of the hold and went to Xanadu Weyr in order to become a florist, selling bouquets as well as dabbling in perfumes.


Name Relation Location Position
? Father ? ?
? Mother ? ?
? Sister ? ?
? Sister ? ?
? Sister ? ?




Title OOC Date Cast
Flower Power July 04, 2012 Devim, Idrissa, Soriana, Tsenik
Meet and Greet - Xanadu Style July 07, 2012 Aisuohkoth, Darsce, Datsun, Harlin, Idrissa, Jaye, Jessi, Kale, K'drozen, Soriana, Tsenik
Beach Party! July 11, 2012 Datsun, Idrissa, Kale, Soriana, Tsenik, Wakua
Of Boys, and Other Pets July 13, 2012 Datsun, Idrissa, Soriana, Tsenik, Wakua
The Power of Fragrance and Flowers July 16, 2012 Kale and Tsenik
Teasing in the Stables July 16, 2012 Datsun, Idrissa, Kale, Tsenik
Visiting the Flower Shop July 22, 2012 Datsun, Tsenik, Wakua
A Game of Firelizards July 23, 2012 Akyla, Ers'lan, D'rayn, Dtirae Idrissa, Inyri, Kale, Mikal, Soriana, Tarrin, Thea, Tsenik, Wakua
Beachfront Brawling July 23, 2012 Datsun, Tsenik, Thessily, Selra, K'drozen, Jessi, Cesran
A Search and A Fallout July 28, 2012 E'gin, Idrissa, Kale, Tsenik, Wakua
Cannibalistic Zombies with Vampire Tendencies Attack! July 28, 2012 Idrissa, Kale, Soriana, Tsenik, Wakua
Go Gathering July 25, 2012 Th'ero, Kimmila, Datsun, Mikal, Thessily, Tsenik, Idrissa, Kale
Tarts and Talks July 31, 2012 Idrissa, Jethaniel, Kale, Seryic, Tsenik, Wakua
Inquiring Minds August 01, 2012 Idrissa, Kale, Keziah, Tsenik
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