Raven hair brushes against this young man's shoulders, untamed bangs often falling into his face. Standing at a stocky five feet eleven inches, Tokaken often finds he cannot hide his presence simply by ducking his head. Wide shoulders become strong arms connected to muscled chest, though it is not a preponderance of muscle on muscle. He simply appears to be someone not a stranger to hard work. Of his face, hazel eyes, when not hidden by his bangs, dance merrily on either side of a straight, aristocratic nose. Overall, he keeps a serious cast, though his lips twitch constantly. His large hands stay calloused from use, and are often found twitching.
A simple tunic of brown covers a white flaxen shirt, tucked neatly into brown woolen trousers. The tunic cinches tight to his waist by means of a dark umber hued belt, dyed to match his knee-length boots.


Tokaken was born in a small cothold near Telgar. His early life was mostly unremarkable. Until the day he'd snuck over to the Smithcrafthall, curious about what went on there. He found a smithcrafter working with explosive powder. When the smith tested his powder, the boy was hooked.

Despite being caught by the Smiths and escorted home, it only took a little convincing for his parents to get him an apprenticeship and send him next door to Smith. Once there, he specialized in explosives and pyrotechnics. Once he'd been trained, he'd started being loaned out from time to time to the Minecrafthall, assisting with the blasting necessary to reach certain vital ores and build new mines. Which is how he found himself in Xanadu, down in the south where new mines and old mines are continually being explored and the need for someone with his skills is great.


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