Dark and brooding his eyes are deepest charcoal and set in a strong-featured face. His hair is black and neatly trimmed matching dark brows and a slight scruff darkening his jaws. He has broad shoulders and stands at 6'3, lacking an ounce of fat anywhere, lean muscle flexes beneath sun-bronzed skin.

Rugged brown boots end about the mid-calf where his breeches tuck in, tan in color and well made, if simple. A dark blue shirt is topped with a brown leather vest both stretched over broad shoulders and fitted, the shirt unbuttoned just past the hollow of his throat where a charm rests, dangling from a black leather cord.


Tig was born Tigerius Marande Buckland, III, a lofty name for the son of a grain farmer in a little cothold south of Telgar Hold. He grew up proud and strong, working as hard as any holder boy in the fields while dreaming of a life that suited his grand name. That all changed the day that a young greenrider landed at Telgar on a delivery run with a friend in tow. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen and his rugged good looks and sense of humor won her over almost immediately. Joylynn was a holder girl too, from Black Rock, who didn't impress on the sands with her greenrider friend. Tig and Joy were handfasted not even a turn later and within the next turn Somerly was born to them.

Those would be the end of Tig's happiest days. The little family of three settled into life, dreamed their dreams, made plans, but none of them planned for passing of Joylynn, least of all Tig. When Somerly was just a turn old, Joy was struck with an illness the healers couldn't heal. The three traveled Pern seeking help but slowly she was taken from them. While no one will ever know all that was spoken between husband and wife that night, part of it was a promise that Somerly would never be given over to strangers to raise, that Tig would care for her and make sure she remembered her mother.

Now, a turn later, Somerly is two years old and Tig has emerged from the darkest shadows of his grief to keep his promises to his dying wife, finding a way to go on and live without her. Unable to keep his sanity while living in their little cothold, he's chosen to step out into Pern and find another way to make a living for himself and his daughter and a new place to call home.

In time, Tig found the miners - or, perhaps the miners found him. However, whatever the case, he became a Miner apprentice. And, in turn, he became a candidate for the whers, eventually becoming bonded with the gold wher Tisk, the trio - for of course Somerly was never left behind - headed to Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Joylynn Wife Deceased
Somerly Daughter Xanadu Weyr Child



Selfish Gold Wher Tisk
A permanent sneer seems to reside upon this wher's face as mustard brushes over her short muzzle - nostrils forever flared and teeth forever exposed - while large faceted eyes perch precariously beneath twisted, gnarled headknobs, each turning their own direction. Twisted muscles reside beneath the thick hide as it darkens to goldenrod over her stubby neck and wide shoulders, continuing over her wide torso and down each twisted, crooked limb. Darkened goldenrod takes over her haunches, over her lower back and tail, emphasizing the shadows, the twists and curves of her body, and the offset shape of her backend. Saffron sails dare linger between each twisted spar as her wings remain somehow attached to her back, albeit at an odd angle, most every part of her form skewed from center.


Title OOC Date Cast
A Chance Meeting July 8, 2009 Hyrlon, Tig
Stormy Whers July 9, 2009 Hyrlon, Janelle, Tig
Wher Games September 03, 2009 Hyrlon, Janelle, Thea, Tig
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