A man standing roughly six feet tall though his unkempt hair makes anything more accurate nearly impossible. His face is covered in several days stubble but there is a bright glint in his brown eyes. He posesses a large backpack that seems to be always on his person and contains a vast array of items from practical tools to esoteric tinkers toys to warm clothing. His dress is simple and seems to show a rather eclectic taste if indeed he paid any attention at all to his dress.


Born to a small trading family Thomas was always a bit apart from those around him. He learned quickly the family business and while he was quite good at managing the numerical and technical aspects of tradership he seemed ill at ease with the customer base. As a result he was often kept at the back during any negotiations and relegated to cargo and elements management. He chafed in this position but did love the life of travel and exploration that he had been born to. His family life was good and he often enjoyed time with not only his immediate but extended family also. This continued until his family brought goods to the Techcraft Hall. Thomas seemed not only to understand and communicate with these people but they seemed to take to him more readily than to the usual businesspeople in the family. For the first time his gregarious brother was not the one with whom everyone was chatting. After he left he found himself thinking often of that place and of the amazing things and people that existed there. Within a few years when the family returned that way he had convinced his parents to let him seek an apprenticeship. After much persistence he finally convinced a technician to take him on and he began his training. Thomas was a decent student at the hall. Quick, bright and capable he was also somewhat lazy and often lacked focus. He became known for wanting to see and know and do everything that there was available and for dissapearing for long periods. Eventually he succeeded in achieving the status of full Technician and is now heading out into the world to see what living affords itself.


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