Small and thin, Thessily takes up little room on the landscape: a bit under five foot three in her stocking feet, and built like a two by four. At its winter palest her complexion is a deep honeyed tan, darkening a few shades further during the height of summer. Outside of the general shape of her face - with its full cheeks, broad nose, and dainty little chin - it's rarely easy to get a good idea of her real appearance: in the way of vain teenage girls, Thessily is an extensive user of cosmetics. In this way acne blemishes are obscured, dark eyes are made to look much larger, plucked eyebrows filled and shaped, and a full mouth highlighted with a little light coloring. Although naturally curly, Thessily's klah-colored hair is often smoothed and straightened in the morning (though by evening the curl has invariably returned); she's got it cut to just below her collarbone, with a thick fringe that conveniently hides a pimple-prone forehead. Her voice is far and away her most attractive feature: a little deep, a little husky, with a noticeable rural Nabolese accent.

Thessily's clothing tastes tend towards the feminine, though flimsy fabrics and fragile decorations are avoided: she tends to give the impression of being someone with a practiced eye but small budget. Though she varies from skirts to trousers, tunics to shirts, her attire is almost invariably clean and well-maintained, with bright colors and interesting patterns. Evidently not someone who spends much time a-dragonback, the girl has pierced ears, and one of the few constants in her appearance is a pair of simple silver studs. The straightforward knot on her shoulder labels her a Techcraft Sr. Apprentice, Xanadu-posted.



Thessily was born into a Nabolese cotholding family, and for the first ten years of her life neither knew nor wanted anything outside their isolated cluster of holders and the forest surrounding them. Born into a lifestyle of farmers and foresters, her childhood was little different from that of generations prior: the technological advancements and social changes of the main population centers rarely filtered down in any meaningful way to their placid, settled community. The second oldest of five, she has one older brother, two younger brothers, and a younger sister.

Her worldview expanded greatly when an aunt living near the main Hold offered to foster Thessily and her older brother Hilyun for a few turns, in hopes of allowing the children to make useful connections and get a broader view on life. Though Nabol Hold was certainly no technologically advanced Landing, it was certainly less untouched by the turns than her isolated cothold. A few electric lights, radios, a computer here and there - and the girl was transfixed. While her brother went back to the forest cothold once their three turns with their aunt was up, thirteen-turn-old Thessily took a quite different path: to Landing, as a Tech Craft apprentice.


A good student, though not exemplary, an initial burst of cramming to catch up to better educated peers gradually slowed into a steady advancement through her classes. Initially most enthusiastic about the shiniest products of her new craft, over time Thessily developed a strong love for the subtler virtues of cameras and their inner workings, and discovered in herself a certain artistic eye for a good shot. When she walked the tables to become a senior apprentice, no one was surprised when she chose to specialize in the photography subcraft. Recently, she's requested permission to take a posting outside of Landing, in hopes of polishing her skills for an eventual promotion to journeyman; this has landed her at Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Thellian Father Nabol Cotholder
Hesyuni Mother Nabol Cotholder
Hilyun Brother Nabol Cotholder
Yunlian Brother Nabol Child
Esellia Sister Nabol Child
Hesthel Brother Nabol Child


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