With a lithe body that shows promise of further growth to come, Theroux looks every bit the active child from his freckled tanned cheeks and sunbleached brown hair to the scars on his limbs that tell tales of mishaps past. His brown eyes are a warm shade, similar to his cocoa-hued hair, which is worn long enough to be tied back into a short ponytail. The bridge of his slightly aquiline nose is scarred horizontally, just below his eyeline, andthere's the beginnings of fluff on his chin and upper lip, a sign of his impending transition into manhood.


When twins were born to brownrider Rou'x and bluerider Ir'e in Half Moon Bay Weyr, they didn't stay with their mother for long. Theroux and Routhe were sent down to the lower caverns as soon as possible to live with the nannies while their mother, at the time a Wingleader for the Weyr's Archipelago wing, maintained her duties. Though their father was a constant figure in their life growing up, Rou'x was always busy doing other things, leaving the twins to grow up well and truly as weyrbrats. Things changed when Rou'x resigned from her post following an accident - she packed up her life and her little family aboard Indianath, and while she moved herself to Ierne Weyrhold to start a business, she moved her twins back home to High Mountain Cothold in the High Reaches' mountains, where she herself had grown up.

Theroux and Routhe grew up under the guardianship of their grandparents, aunts and uncles and with their cousins for company. Although they both considered crafts, Theroux was adamant that he would join his mother's treasure-hunting trade when he was old enough to - and Routhe, being so close to her brother, decided she would also follow suit. On their 14th turnday the twins moved to Ierne to join Rou'x's treasure hunting/trading business.


Name Relation Location Position
Rou'x Mother Ierne Weyrhold Rider of brown Indianath, treasure hunter and trader
Routhe Twin Sister Ierne Weyrhold Treasure hunter and trader-in-training


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