A bounty of copper-tinged gold lies in messy curls atop this young man's head, falling low enough to lick at the back of his neck but kept short enough to retain a masculinity that fights for dominance against the youth's otherwise feminity, giving him a borderline androgyny that just barely leans towards male. His face is oval in shape, with delicately slanted edges that seem to tilt up ever so mildly at the corners, the lashes long and a darker shade of blonde than his hair, while his slim eyebrows look to have a natural arch. His nose is long, straight, and proportionate, cream colored skin littered with light freckles that extend across his high cheekbones. Beneath that, his mouth is aggravatingly effeminate, lush and full, with the small nick of a scar just beneath his lower lip. Those eyes of his happen to be a rather light shade of green, the color, in addition to his pale eyelashes, often making them appear wider than they are, which can sometimes give him the vaguest sense of looking surprised, even if he isn't. As far as build and physique go, he is slender and not very tall, but he does show at least some musculature that may define itself as he grows older - at least, that is his most devout hope.
As if to try and play up any masculinity he can, this young man is wearing relatively well made but otherwise sharply cut clothing in drab colors, with a long maroon shirt that falls loose around his frame, belted at the middle lest it constantly hang off of him, and an equally unassuming set of brown trous beneath them that look as though they've seen better turns much less days, small tears showing around the hems. His feet, when they're visible, sport nothing more than flexible, comfortable shoes without much height to them, obviously made for running around than anything remotely like style.


The youngest son of Leon and Thadere, Theodore was a shy and sweet natured little boy who spent much of his time shuttling between his parents' different homes. His mother was a senior journeyman Technocrafter when he was born while his father, a gruff man in his own right, was the head baker for Xanadu Weyr for turns before he chose to specialize in pastries in order to cut down on his workload. While his other siblings - two older brothers and an older sister - couldn't wait to get away from the Weyr, Theodore has never expressed any interest in leaving, and has been helping his father in the kitchens almost since he was six. Showing his own certain special touch when it comes to pastries and sweets, Theodore is currently being groomed as a Baker apprentice in his father's hopes that he will follow in his footsteps. His mother doesn't mind, of course, and often attempts to edge in her newest technological idea for helping bake times, bake techniques, and anything else she thinks the father-son duo might find useful, otherwise just demanding regular packages of cookies.


Name Relation Location Position
Thadere Mother Xanadu Weyr Senior Techcrafter
Leon Father Xanadu Weyr Baker
Thaddeon Brother Xanadu Weyr Resident
Ladere Brother Xanadu Weyr Resident
Leore Sister Xanadu Weyr Resident


Sweet and Sour Green Tart
Deepest shades of jade splash across the muzzle of this firelizard, working back toward lighter, dainty headknobs. The neck is almost awkwardly long, curving slowly down in a wash of melding greens. A slight pattern forms over her shoulders and wings, speckled with splotches of shadowy moss, while her underbelly pales toward a very muted yellow. Limbs retain the same shadings, well proportioned, with a winding tail extending a bit farther than necessary.


Title OOC Date Cast
Castles in the Sand July 4, 2009 F'yr, Jessamin, Keziah, Kire, M'nol, Phylicia, Sigam, Thea, Theodore, Y'ki
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