First Impressions-

Full Name:

Ice Green

Birth Place:

Thee (thanks Tharen)
34 Turns
Nova Wingleader
Senior Weyrwoman
Cold Stone Hold, High Reaches



Slim and graceful, Thea appears taller than she really is, or would like to be. Perhaps it's her straight-backed posture which creates this illusion, though she is of average height. Alas, where other girls have curls and flame-red locks, Thea's is a straight, plain brown. As if to placate its wearer, her hair, makes up for it with a high sheen and is cut to shoulder-length. Her facial features are fine-boned, with dark, finely-shaped brows that arch over thick-lashed eyes of icy green. Her lower lip curves in a bit of fullness that hints at a smile and helps dispel any aloof appearance.

Today, she is dressed in her flying gear. The leathers have been bleached to a pale buff, then stained in honey tones and burnished to a soft sheen. Over a sleeveless shirt of sheer ivory material, she wears her jacket. Shoulder pleats that allow for freedom of movement help contour the hide, pleats tracing down the front, deepening towards the waist and helping to narrow the fit. The matching trous are molded to fit the slight curve of her hips and tapered to hug her legs. Knee-high leather boots, polished in a rich chestnut shade have the trous tucked into them. In her hands she carries a pair of calf-hide gloves, stained to match her boots. She wears a Xanadu knot, ranking her as Senior Weyrwoman, on her right shoulder.



Thea was born and raised in Coldstone Hold, a small cot in the mountainous region of the High Reaches. Under the authority High Reaches Hold, Coldstone enjoyed some prosperity due to its production and export of fine, soft wool and richly-woven fabrics. Thea's parents, Holder Thadan and Lady Rensea required that all of their offspring attend Craft training in some field. At the age of thirteen turns, Thea was entered at Weaver Hall. She did well enough, but lacked the interest to excel to the point where she would obtain Journeyman Rank, so at the age of seventeen turns, her father recalled her. Once home, Thea found herself taking an interest in grading wool fibers and Thadan found he could use this to his advantage. At first Thea accompanied his wool exporters and traders to Gathers. Then she began taking the finest of fibers, weaves and textiles directly to Holds and Weyrs to advertise their benefit and procure trade contracts. Thadan decided to expand his trade into the Southern Continent so Thea travelled by ship to make contacts. It was while she was at Hannista Hold that she met Niva and this led to her accepting the position of Assistant to Xanadu Weyr’s Headwoman, Hisolda.

While working at Xanadu Weyr Thea was Searched for Ellamariseth & Arinith’s clutch, where she impressed gold Seryth. Her life as a Weyrling was a considerable adjustment, but her training as a weyrwoman even more so. Her time was spent caring for Seryth and assisting in the smooth-running of the Weyr and little else. With no say in Weyr politics and no real close friends, Thea learned to take one day at a time, keep busy and push her opinions, dreams and and wishes deep inside, not really aware how frustrated and lonely inside she felt.


Into her life came a stranger by the name of Enkavir, who shared his thoughts, his doubts and his dreams. He drew hers out and they found themselves close-minded, became friends, fell in love. Changes happen, and not always for the best. Enkavir was Searched and the move from Thea’s cottage to the Candidate Barracks was hard for them both. But the hearbreak came after the hatching was over and he was left standing. Instead of returning to their cottage, Enkavir simply walked into the night and disappeared. Thea was lost, spent her free time searching and waiting for his return.

Nearly two turns later, Enkavir had not returned, nor had Thea found him. But someone who didn't like the brokenness in her began to offer a shoulder and his strength. At first it totally confused Thea, for it was none other than the Weyr's biggest flirt, Weyrsecond D'had. Time changes many things and so it was for this pair. Both fought their growing feelings and as it turns out for the same reasons: their past. But love is a hard thing to deny. Shared circumstances opened Thea's eyes to the man underneath the gruff exterior while D'had worked through some issues in his past, finally able to give voice to his feelings. Eventually he was able to take a risk and ask her to be his weyrmate.

It was with no little surprise that Thea awoke after one of Seryth's flights to find herself the Senior Weyrwoman after Niva's retirment due to health reasons. Her thinking that one of the older Juniors' queens would rise first proved mistaken and though her adjustment from being a member of Xanadu's team to its leader is took some time, she grew into the responsibilities, learning that putting the Weyr first often means sacrifice, not only of time, but of things precious to her. For 12 turns she called D'had's Weyrbarn home while raising their twins. A request to the Conclave by Holder Thadan resulted in her aquiescing and sending not just the holder's only eligible male descendant to train as Cold Stone's next master, but Muir's sister Marella as well. Thea's decision not to contest the claim before the Conclave and send the pair without consulting D'had in the matter, understandably caused a rift between the two and she moved back to her cottage in the forest.



Name Relation Age Location Position
Thadan Father +35T Coldstone Hold Deceased
Rensea Mother +23T Coldstone Hold Holder's Widow
Tharen Pest- er, Brother -2T Cold Stone Hold Holder of Cold Stone Hold
D'had ExWeyrmate +15T Xanadu Weyr Retired Rider
Marel Daughter (D'had) -20T Xanadu Weyr Weyrfolk
Muireadhach Son (D'had) -20T Xanadu Weyr Weyrfolk
N'shen Stepson (D'had) -9T Xanadu Weyr Rider
Natali N'shen's Weyrmate -9T Xanadu Weyr Rider
Alishe 'Granddaughter' -32T Xanadu Weyr Child

What You Should Know About Thea

Thea is an accomplished business woman with a strong work ethic and has learned independence in her travels representing Coldstone Hold's wool trade and while working at Xanadu Weyr's Assistant to the Headwoman. She's self-confident in areas where she has experience and not easily intimidated. She has strong ideas of what is honorable and honest, which sometimes appear to clash with what is expected of her as a Rider.

What You Might NOT Know About Thea

Thea’s Thoughts About the People in her Life



Lord of Destruction Bronze Ruin
Pale bronze sweeps over his long, lean limbs and his equally long wings, with the pale sails stretching between each of the spars. His body is the same long shape, narrow from his sharp muzzle, over his elongated headknobs, to the end of his lengthy tale. Hide has hints of gold buffed into each of the sharp ridges along his back, the same light hues along his stomach as well.

Always On Guard Brown Shep
Lean sinewy muscle runs across this brown's body, from his long snout to the quivering tip of his tail. Soot covers his face, lightening as it gets up to his headknobs before sweeping into a dusty tan down the length of his neck and most of his body. A dark cocoa — nearly black — forms a saddle around his mid-back which is covered most of the time by his cream-colored wings, where its color is only matched by his light-tan paws even if they end in wickedly sharpened onyx talons. Unlike most other firelizards, this brown's proportions give the illusion that his hindquarters are shorter than his forelegs, usually tensed with bunched muscles as if ready to pounce on any danger.

Top of the Treasure Pile Gold Tocha

Sought after by all, she is a firelizard that carries her head with a defined grace with an ostentatious curl of her slender neck, as if knowing that she is of importance to the world. She is a treasure amongst the reeds, burnished gold coiled in wisps of teal and soft silvers. Like her dam before her, she will not be of the smallest, although her petite body does indicate that she is delicately muscled and laced. Her head is small and sleek, with a petite muzzle that tapers to a hooked point. Large wide eyes are delicately placed below dainty eye ridges and not too far back are sleek head knobs tipped in silver. A slender neck hosts sharp ridges, lining her back in a single row of what could be razor sharp teeth to prevent the unwanted touch. Another feature that has slipped down from her dam is the ever long tail that seems ungraciously long, a spindle width that could wrap around her body when curled. Proportional to her body are her broad teal grazed wings, whipped and lashed with tarnished obsidian as if some fool had carelessly left the gold to age too long in water. Both her wing-spar talons and paw talons are ghosted with silver and glints of the brightest sunshine gold, along with a matching diamond blaze set between her eyes.



Dawn Before the Storm Gold Seryth

Morning's mist settles, an ethereal cloak upon this slender gold's shoulders, the first pale rays of Rukbat casting their golden shimmer over her form. Sunspots dance upon her delicate muzzle, spots of richer metallic gold speckling the hide between faceted eyes, fading out over each gently rounded headknob. Ridges remain in shadow, each gently rounded shape like a distant hill on the horizon, hints of lilac darkening the curves of the creamy-golden line upon her back, following the curve of her lean tail to the very tip, a tip dipped in dull amber. The same dull amber speckles her dainty paws, stretching upwards to twine like armlets around each limb, spreading outwards across her smooth stomach. Silver and gold vapors settle upon the pale membranes of her wings, spread between the shadowy spars that arch outwards - untouched by the morning's pale light. As if a gentle rain has fallen upon her back, cream flows into gold flows into silver, colors mingling effortlessly as if a celestial watcher has touched her very being.

Thea's Playlist

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Title OOC Date Cast
An Explosive Gather January 04, 2014 Innes, Inri, Ka'el, Kera, Kiena, Kimmila, Mur'dah, M'raz, Nyalle, Soriana, Thea, Th'ero, Zahleizjah
Yeah, Something Blew Up January 04, 2014 Ka'el, Kiena, Soriana, Thea, V'dim
Higher Standards February 11, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana, Thea
Troubled Reminiscence February 11, 2014 Mur'dah, Thea
Not Fully in Mind February 16, 2014 D'had (npc), Jethaniel, Mur'dah, Thea
A Picnic of Advice March 07, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana, Thea
Dragonhealing 101: Think Fast! March 19, 2014 Innes, Soriana, Suka (npc), T'bor (npc), Thea, Cayceth (npc), Kairoikyriath, Luraoth, Ruin, Seryth, Timoreth (npc), Zinieth (npc)
Mine March 23, 2014 Marel, Thea
Escape March 27, 2014 Mur'dah, Thea
Slight Misunderstanding? March 31, 2014 Kiena, Thea
Bearing Gifts April 02, 2014 Ka'el, Skyler, Soriana, Thea


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