Teneya is a sturdy-looking redhead of about average height and a powerful build. Her skin is lightly tanned and weathered with the beginnings of crows-feet around her blue eyes. Her red hair has been kissed by the sun, lighter streaks of strawberry blonde weaving through her braid. She's wearing a plain shirt under a simple green bodice and plain brown trousers, with a belt that's matched to the tie holding her braid together. A pair of polished opal earrings dangle from her ears.


Teneya was born in Fort Hold. She showed some small aptitude to the various Crafts, but inability to pay attention for any length of time kept her from being recruited or showing any real success. The refrain from her teachers was always the same - "Teneya, you'd be so smart if only you'd *pay* *attention*." She didn't find much success in many of her chores, either, constantly being chided for not lollygagging or daydreaming. By the age of 18 she was looking for a way out, to be able to go somewhere where not everyone knew her as *that* girl, and she jumped at the first chance she had. She lit out for Fort Sea Hold and signed up on the first ship that would take her. It took about a month for her to find a ship looking for such a raw landlubber, but eventually she found one - the Skiptree. Here she found a home as well as a strong native talent for knotwork.
She sailed aboard the Skiptree and then the Eastern Wind, between which there was a brief foray into serving on a cold-water fishing vessel that she'd rather forget. She was on the Eastern Wind for five years, getting to know every inch of her sails and cordage. Her final voyage took her through the Ista Strait when they were set upon by an unexpected squall. Because the ship was carrying more tonnage than it should have for what should have been a relatively short trip to Ista Sea Hold, she was swamped and sank quickly. Very few members of the crew survived. She, and the others, were plucked from the waves by dragonriders who happened upon the wreckage. Teyena herself was pulled out of the water by L'or and taken to Xanadu for medical care and recovery.


Seafaring Seaweed Green 'Seaweed'
Oh, she's a mighty one, this green firelizard. She's a solidly built creature, as Amazonian as a firelizard can possibly be. Her hide is a strange thing, with glossy weavings of deep, seaweed green twisting around her features and between her neckridges until it fully engulfs her tail. The rest of her body is a misty hue, a foggy green that looks as if it might be scaled - even if a touch confirms otherwise. Like some great sea beast, but with odd markings here and there, strange etchings that look as if they might be purposeful markings - symbols and sigils and runes, oh my. Her wings are more beige than green, fogged over and brittle-seeming, like old parchment. Flecks of white scatter themselves in curious constellations over the surface, like an ancient star chart that no mortal can read.

Seaweed hatched from a 'Weathered Driftwood Egg': It's a large egg, the bleached and bone white hue of driftwood soaked through and dried out over a hundred lifetimes. Gray-browns weave throughout, like a woood grain taken to remarkable extremes. It's a strange thing and old-looking - but warm and smooth to the touch.

Star Forge Brown 'Spinnaker'

Spindly in a way that invokes 'ephemeral' or maybe 'graceful', this small brown seems far more delicate than he is. There is steel in his spine, and determination in the set of his head and neck; shoulders forward, wings aloft for balance. He's long and quite leanly muscled, with a tail that seems to take up more of his length than it really ought to. His wings are similar, long expanses of billowing color and light. At first the overcast cloud of brown that blows over this firelizard's smooth hide seems drab, shades of sand over klah-brown. It thins here and there, is almost completely opaque some places, but — closer, the variation comes in. A hundred warm shades wisp and wend, curling around limbs and exploding brilliantly into speckles of brilliant near-white. It's hard to see from a distance, but the tiny changes in color lend an almost glittering effect to his hide, shining in even low light.

Spinnaker hatched from a 'Planemo Egg': Big. It's big, and oddly round, this egg; easily the largest of the clutch. It doesn't quite dwarf the others, but it kind of looms, dark and ominous. Embers of deep red and near-black run across the fissured surface, a pattern that becomes more intricate around the only slightly egg-shaped poles. The brighter shades of russet and ginger seem to glow — a trick of the light, surely.


"Lost Between? That's a terror gift-wrapped in nightmares. Somehow I thought that was just stories told t'keep children in line. 'Be good or they'll drop you Between' sort of thing. Do they say that to kids in weyrs?"


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