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At A Glance

Tenebrous, sometimes called Fetch, is a wandering Journeyman healer, bound to no Weyr. It's rumored that, while he's a capable healer, he's also quite mad. His strange behavior in the presence of others has done nothing to slow the rumor's spread He specializes in forestry, general botany and herbal lore.

Rumors of conflict between Tenebrous and some of Xanadu Weyr's staff surround the fact that the man surrendered his Weyrknot to the Senior Weyrwoman herself some time ago, and recent times have seen a remarkable lack of the Journeyman around Xanadu's forests, where once he was known to prowl frequently.** Despite his absence, current events have kept him returning to the Weyr. Only recent, a massive fire broke out in the southeast section of the wood, destroying Stormhaven and its surrounds. Wounded while rescuing his former apprentice, Phylicia, from the blaze, he awoke in Xanadu's infirmary, one half of his face scarred and his right arm temporarily useless. Worse, the healers informed him that he suffered a blow to the head, and that it appeared to be affecting his memory. Indeed, much of the last turn's events appear to have vanished from his mind with only fragments of people and places remaining…

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A creature of motion and stillness is Tenebrous. He appears to be around six feet tall, his frame lean and whipcord tight, like a coursing hound built for strength and endurance. Hair that is long in some places and shorter in others hangs in strands the color of new, fertile earth, parting somewhat unkemptly down the middle of his face. Light-sensitive eyes are blue with flecks of gray as garnish, shielded by a light brow. They don't appear to be looking at anything, staring ahead listlessly until engaged. Empty, unfocused. The tone of his skin on the left hand side of his face tells of more days out of the sun than in it, cheek bones pronounced, but not sharp or stark. The right is a different story with the flesh over that cheek appearing just a little red in certain places, tell-tale scars from his past. An ugly scar can barely be seen on his scalp, leading up from his right temple into his hair. His face is not unpleasant to look at if one can get beyond those odd markings, but it is blank, expressionless. A slightly tapered jaw holds up lips that don't appear used to smiling and a nose of unassuming size. Closer inspection reveals finer details.

His face is covered with the barest shadow of a beard, but only on the left side. A day's growth, perhaps? Too occupied to shave it, or too consumed to care? His expression is not unhappy, yet his face bears none of the marks of smiling or laughter. Though unfocused, those eyes are still aware, looking at nothing to see everything. An observer.

Utilitarian trousers the color of light grain cover his legs, the knees reinforced with wherhide patches. A faded cotton over shirt with a few undone buttons near the neck is tucked in, a nondescript belt at the waist. The keen eye will notice a strip of leather thong around his neck, disappearing into his shirt. The strap of a rucksack lies angled around his back. Nowhere on his person is a Weyrknot or an identifier of craft or rank. Over the top of all of this rests a broken in, but new-looking hide coat, nearly the same color as his hair. It's length nearly approaches his ankles, its sleeves full, but manageable. A low-hanging mantle hangs over the back of it as well as a deep, fully yoked hood, weighted to hold it into place no matter what its position. About him, the scent of spice and warm earth, herbs and rain and strange places that man rarely travels, mountain wind, and solitude. Wild.


A brief history of Tenebrous' past, and his current doings at Xanadu.


Once Tenebrous' home, if ever he had one, Stormhaven rests in one of the deepest parts of the forest around Xanadu's lands, far from prying eyes, spying ears and clever tongues…


Name Relation Location Position
Therise Mother Deceased
Meric Father Deceased


Lacking In A Pattern Green Truth


"I'm…sort of between homes, right now," Tenebrous murmurs. "You ask why I travel, what I'm so desparately trying to find?" He glances back at the younger woman. "Truth, Hasha. I was looking for truth. How wonderful it is that she has found me instead…"

Monochromatic; this word best describes this small female form, for while lush verdant color stains her hide there can be no argument that she is simply … green. The same hue — like bright green grass — that envelopes her small little muzzle and hugs about dainty little headknobs also trails down a short, slim neck and across plumply round girlish flanks down to the end of her little forked tail. And whilest her wingsails might well appear to be quasi-transluscent, it is merely an illusion for they are still of that spring grass-green hue. In all, she's small, dainty and gifted with a sense of grace and easy proportion. She's lovely to behold for sure; clearly a lady and everything that a green firelizard ought to be. But what she lacks is merely any patterning upon her hide; for she is indeed a singular hue across her entire being.

Dam: Gold Belle
Sire: Bronze Ruin

(Note: This is what I get for wandering around without an adult. Enka deserves heaps of praise for this, and my profuse thanks. I stumbled onto a hatching without even realizing it and she explained how the whole thing worked, from top to bottom. And I got Truth as a door prize, whose egg and flit descs are both gorgeous. Credit for the picture needs to go to Galina. She drew Truth for me while I was away for the holidays and seeing the little green completely made what was shaping up to be a very bad day. Luffs.)


Snowy Day Gold Reconciliation

When the little queen locks eyes with Tenebrous, something clicks within the man and he begins to speak in hushed tones. "Behold," he intones quietly. "Witness this creation before you, and know that it is my doing. Never again will you bear so great a hurt as you have endured before. Let that deepest of shadows never again touch your world…this, my promise to you." One finger reaches out to touch one of the Gold's headknobs. "My Reconciliation," he breaths.

This gold appears as frail and fragile as a wraith, snout narrow and delicate as it slopes back towards gently rounded headknobs. Her body seems to be composed entirely of sinew and wiry curves, appearing almost emaciated when the lighting is particularly dim. In actuality, it is all an elaborate trompe l'oeil, something her hide is wont to do. Pale gold, the color of reflected sunlight off the deep piles of fresh snow, glitters upon this gold's hide, entrancing hues containing shimmers of orange and silver as well as richer ambers as they dance over haunches. Her tail is a darker, more antiquated shade of gold, as are her dainty limbs, a soft blue undertint glinting beneath yellow. Snowy shadows gather in turn on each sail. Soft apricot spars criss-cross, while delicately frosted crystals collect on headknobs and eyeridges, catching the light and setting her aglow.

Dam: Gold Belle
Sire: Bronze Ruin

(Note: A crazy amount of thanks to Niva, Sigam and Thea for this. Niva and Sigam desced what has to be one of THE most incredible Gold flits I have ever seen, and Thea helped them give it to me as an OOC birthday present. Credit for the picture needs to go to Galina, along with nearly tearful thanks for an incredible Christmas present.)

Just A Bit Inglourious Bronze Consequence


Tenebrous bends low then, the green and gold at his shoulders framing his hooded face. "I will name him Consequence, of course. Fitting, as that is exactly what he is. A consequence of my presence here, both past and present…" He glances up into Galina's face and offers her one of his lopsided smiles. "…and a consequence of friendship, though that word scarecely does it justice."

Not terribly large for a bronze, this firelizard nonetheless carries himself with all the cocksure pride that even the largest of their kind can possibly bear. His blunted muzzle seems to bear a nigh permanent smirk, oft-gaping in the equivalent of a smile and he moves with a bit of a swagger, unhurried. Battered, unpolished bronze coats his entire, rough-and-tumble frame in relative purity, appearing scratched in places and scuffed in others with the odd smidge of rust for color. The straightforward bronze is broken only at his neck — there, the color takes on a ragged appearance, raw like a burn that encircles his neck. His wings are only slightly better off, being a few shades lighter and with hints of rust along his spars. Only his talons are truly polished and bright, steely scythes meant to cut and carve with abandon.

Dam: Gold Meribell
Sire: Bronze Heather

(Note: Epic. This flit is epic. And his writer is also epic. And tasting of syrup. And sweet cuppin' cakes. Seriously.)


Logs And Stories

Here are several logs that involve Tenebrous as well as some backstory that the User has written for him. A warning, some of the logs and stories are full of spoilers about Tenebrous' life.

In addition to the logs listed above, more can be found at:


Notes About The Character

Tenebrous' background places him as a quasi-known entity, if not a very visible one, at Xanadu over the last 10 years or so, though hsi recent absence will not be noticed by any new faces. For those that he has run errands for, feel free to use the name Fetch, as Tenebrous almost never speaks his real name to anyone.

No one's exactly sure how solvent his mind is, and he's frequently nervous in the company of any person that sports a high standing in Weyr society or who he perceives to have a great deal of power. Jr. Weyrwomen, holders and any senior officials will always put him on his heels. This is usually manifested by him speaking in frequently in their presence, if ever. His voice is a bit rough and quiet, more from disuse than any malformation.

Notes About The Player

I've got a visual impairment, so bear with me on pose times and spelling. It also means that I'll be more apt to duck out of large scenes. There's just too much going on for my eyeballs to keep up with.

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I'm building another playlist for another game, so this one's been trimmed down, just for you. :)

A few have asked what, specifically, songs on Tenebrous' playlist were for, what they were supposed to represent. Some of them are simply songs that fit him, and some are songs that I hear in my head when I think about him doing certain things, like having a flashback. Some songs don't have a meaning, or not one that I can verbally articulate. Some just remind me of Tenebrous. Regardless, here's a list:


Despite spending most of his time in the forest, Tenebrous has managed to meet a few people and make a few friends.

Thanks To….

For my personal thanks, I have to mention Niva, first and foremost. She was all over me from the second I started chargen at Pernworld and held my hand the entire way, even humoring my sudden request to insert an extra 14 rooms into Xanadu for a playground of sorts. Everyone at Xanadu has made me feel insanely welcome, chief among them Thea, Janelle, Phylicia, M'nol and the Siggy. And of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Moria, for convincing me to play in the first place.

As far as the code on this page is concerned, Thea and Moria have constructed more of it than I have. What I did build was scraped together and stolen from other pages. Thea tells me that Siggy's responsible for some of the UberCode on her page, so he gets a cookie too. :)

Code Monkey likes you!

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* Much of this was lifted or adapted from a wonderful scene out of 'Instinct' with Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding, Jr.
** Special thanks to Niva. Despite being knotless, she's letting me keep my page here on Xanadu's Wiki, cause she's cool like that.

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