This round faced girl (don't call her little!) is poised on the doorstep of adolescence. She's fairly average in height and build for her age. Her stormy blue eyes standing out cuttingly from her tanned skin. The rest of her features are more cute than striking: a small nose, round chin, chubby cheeks and petite mouth. Glossy, light auburn hair is pulled up in a high runner tail atop her head, a slight curl at the ends lending a bit of bounce.
She wears a short-sleeved, pale pink tunic belted around her waist with a darker pink length of cloth. Roomy brown culottes end just above her knees, leaving her shins open to the air. On her feet are strappy brown sandals. On a long cord around her neck is a clay talisman formed into the shape of a star.


Telael, like so many weyr children, was born to a greenrider. At the time, her mother Lahela was weyrmated to her father, brownrider T'ea but this relationship was not to last. T'ea took himself out of the picture with a move to High Reaches and a weyrmate to another greenrider. Not that Telly remembers any of that.
Her life, as far as she can tell is super. She loves Xanadu Weyr, finds her mother's techcraft interests fascinating and loves to play 'Lady Holder' with other girls of her age. In fact she's quite happy to avoid getting too dirty in favor of more delicate activities. Or following her older siblings around - Rohelte's pottery is especially interesting to her as it crosses dirt with art.


Name Relation Location Position
Lahela Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Shimonith
T'ea Father High Reaches Weyr Rider to Brown Hotohorith
Rohelte Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Rohael Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Lahohe Brother Xanadu Weyr Weybrat
Sienna Half-sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat



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