Curly, light brown hair bounces around this young woman's shoulders, untamed by the ribbon that tries to contain it. Dark green eyes look out at the world with a curiosity that is only matched by that of the youngest of children. She's a little on the short side, standing only 5'4" tall, and appears to be slightly under weight; maybe as much as 115lbs soaking wet, but with long muscular legs. She is lightly tanned from turns spent in the sun and has small, pale scares criss crossing her arms, the remnant of past battles with both thorns and siblings. Her face is narrow and long with an angular nose, thin lips, and large, wide set round eyes. Her chin comes to a sharp point and her left cheek is marked by a dimple.


Born at the Fort Hold Runner Station, Tecoah is the daughter of a Runner and a Healer. Her father had great hopes for his middle child to follow him as a healer, but it became apparent at a young age that she had a talent for running and there was no way that the Station Master was going to let that natural ability go to waste.

By the time Tecoah was ten, she was running messages between Fort Hold and the Harper and Healer Halls. She made her first run to Fort Weyr when she was twelve and went on to Ruatha the next turn. She was seventeen when she made her first solo run across the continent and found herself posted near Telgar Hold. Two turns later, she doesn't see home as much as she would like, but at least she gets to spend almost every night somewhere different.


Name Relation Location Position
Tambry Mother Fort Hold Runner Station Runner
Caison Father Fort Hold Runner Station Jman Healer


Green Pest
This dainty firelizard is the same light, bright green that was noticable on her egg. Her delicate size is off-set by the heavy muscles that she has to control her body; for strength is this delicate girl's true potential. The tips of her neckridges are bathed in the vibrant yellow, and tiny trails dance down the blunted points. Her underbelly and claws are bathed in a deep, dark green; there is a unique mark however on her soft hide, wheren four light green spots formed together to create something akin to a four-leaf clover.

Blue Nuisance
This 'lizard is draped in a somewhat medium blue, the color of some faded inks — the color remains consistent from the tip of his muzzle to those lean haunches of his and down to the scuffed brown of his claws. It's only at his wings that anything unusual might be observed — only upon those too-pale sails can thin, looping whorls of indigo be seen scribbled along the trailing edges, spilling down his back and fading over his hips, enigmatic not-quite-writing just begging for interpretation. Most of this relatively small blue's length is in his tail, a lengthy and dangerous appendage that whips and snaps freely behind him almost constantly in contrast with his tendency to otherwise stay still. That tail is only slightly darker than the rest of him, the scrawling nonsense script of his wings continuing there in intermittent, deep blue bursts.



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