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Nick-names: Taz, Tazmanian Devil, Rikki-Tiki-Tazi, Tazer, TazeMoth


He stands two inches over six feet tall, his build in that non-descript range between 'normal' and 'toned'. His skin is just about as normal as his build, only slightly sun-kissed from time spent outside. His face is of an oval-shaped construction, with a broad forehead and a defined chin. His cheekbones are a little lower set and his lips are on the thinner and somewhat small side. His eyebrows are thick but not bushy and his eyes are of a typical almond shape, with his irises being a muddy green. His nose almost has a little bit of a bump just beneath the bridge. His dark brown hair is on the shorter side, maybe three inches long up top where it's styled in a mussed fashion.

His clothing is nothing to be oogled. On top is a simple collared short-sleeve shirt in a faded forest green hue, accompanied by a snugger fitting undershirt of light gray of varying sleeve lengths depending on the weather. The shirts are then tucked into a pair of durable brown pants which are in turn tucked into khaki wherhide boots that lace up to his lower shin.



Tazemi is the only child in his family. His father Tazoka is a master Starcrafter, usually aboard the Yokohama or out and about, doing his research, and thus not around very much at all, leaving the boy with some resentment on that subject. His mother, Emiallis, is one of the laundry ladies at Xanadu Weyr yet is so maddly in love with Taz's father that it never occurred to the simple woman to find someone around more often.

So Taz's story is pretty much that of a generic weyr-child. Most of the time he was in the company of other children and the nannies, or the Harpers as he grew older and attended the classes for history, reading and writing. He might even be passable on a hand-drum, given a simple enough beat. Thanks to his father's standing in the Starcraft, the family managed to have a small set of rooms to live in, instead of the dormitories, and Taz would always try to be the dutiful son and make up for his father's absence by helping with cleaning their rooms, or fixing anything that broke.

As Taz grew into his early manhood and hit his teenage years, he started to help out around the Weyr as a handyman, learning under the more experienced how to fix things from shelves to cabinets, and even simple technology, or whatever else needed to be done to keep the Weyr in functioning order.


Name Relation Location Position
Tazoka Father Xanadu Weyr Master Starcrafter
Emiallis Mother Xanadu Weyr Laundress




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