Standing at just under six foot in height, Tavrick usually carries himself with a regal air. His dark brown hair is cropped short, a rakish look that lightly falls and partially obscures his pale blue eyes. His facial features are pointed and chiseled, from his aristocratic nose to his high cheekbones with faint dimples when he smiles. Mercurial blue eyes near a silver colour in the centre, piercing when contrasted to his tanned complexion and dark hair. Broad shoulders taper down to a narrow waist, more lithe than muscular.

He wears simple clothing, a dark brown tunic which hangs loosely over slightly less loose pants. The tunic has some light embroidery along the edges, nothing fancy - just some leaf patterns that might be considered autumnal. A black leather necklace is around his neck, though whatever pendant he might have on it is tucked beneath the fabric of the tunic and is not visible most of the time. He has a pair of light boots on, certainly not meant for riding dragons - just walking around the weyr. Overall he has a well kept appearance, clean and crisp.


Not every child of a pair of riders is a flight product, and Tavrick was one born out of love between his greenriding mother and his brownriding father at Ista. His mother dabbled in herbalism, while his father was a 'man's man', who enjoyed playing cards and gambling, and worked as a handyman. It seemed like an odd match, but then sometimes those that are an odd mix match better than initially expected. Tavrick spent a fair amount of time in the lower caverns with the other children, and got into his own fair amount of trouble. But, he had inherited his father's charm with ladies and just a flutter of his blue eyes and his dimpled smile got him out of it.

Tavrick dabbled in a number of crafts before finally choosing to be a healer. He has a disarming charm about himself, which worked well with the path he chose in Mindhealing - and suited him as good as any. It was disappointing to see a few of his fellow apprentices get snatched up for searches, while he got passed over by every dragon that passed through the Healer complex. He was the son of riders, so why wouldn't he get picked? He soon grew too old to be searched, but had earned himself a Journeyman's knot.

He chose to be placed in Ista where he was born and raised, and luckily enough, they had room for him. Quickly making friends, he found a lovely young weaver Journeyman, Jaela, that caught his eye. Finally out of the restraints that Apprentices have, he grew to spend more and more time with her. Tavrick was known to have the occasional flings with men, but Jaela was always the only woman for him. Unfortunately, Jaela ended up getting pregnant with twins and died during the delivery - along with the children. Surely, Tavrick was damaged himself by the experience, though he didn't really show it.

Retreating back to the Healer hall for a while, Tavrick sought the help of other mindhealers to get through his own trauma, and has emerged a stronger person because of his experience. Rather than seeking to return to Ista, he decided that anywhere else might be a better choice - he waits to see if there's a weyr that's in need of a Mindhealer. Xanadu fit the bill, so he is a recent transfer.


Name Relation Location Position
Tavrie Mother Ista Weyr Greenrider
R'ik Father Ista Weyr Brownrider
Jaela Wife (Deceased) Ista Weyr Jman Weaver


Brown Kane



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