Tarmin has the look of a man often laughing, perhaps at you. There's knowledge hidden behind those dark brown eyes, locked away in the forehead his short-cropped brown hair has slipped back along. His chin is over-wide, stubbled, and his cheeks appear an afterthought, too narrow for his mouth.
He's of average height, fit and athletic from doing what things need to be done, and he wears rough, sturdy clothing - a shirt of swampwater-green, trousers of mud-brown, and boots which, given how he spends his days, are usually both those shades.


Tarmin was born and raised in Mire Hold, in the swamps outlying Xanadu Weyr. His clan is a reclusive one, wary of outsiders and inclined to do for themselves. As a boy, Tarmin learned his herbs and roots well enough to remember not only how to find them but what do with them once he found them, and so began to walk the mud-covered path of a healer, learning the bits of medicine passed down among the Mire folk from those occasions when they'd managed to claim a healer and the gathered traditions of what worked once, so's you might as well do it again, because it sure can't hurt. This education has, over the turns, been added to by the occasional visit to the outside world. Tarmin is - for a Mire Holder - fairly cosmopolitan; he's been to Xanadu Weyr more than a handful of times, and he's got harper's lessons enough to both count that high and write letters when someone else is going and he isn't.


Name Relation Location Position
Gabit Cousin Mire Hold Hunter
Miah Cousin Mire Hold Record-Keeper
…and others… …of the clan at… Mire Hold …being busy…



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