Sex Female
Position Shipbrat
Age Child
Birthplace The ship Destiny's Dream off the coast of Half Moon Bay Weyr
Home Xanadu Weyr


Dark brown hair, much like the color of warm klah, sweeps down and brushes past this little girls shoulders. There's a slight wave to it, enough to make it so that it's not abysmally straight, not to mention adding to a windswept look. She has a pony tail hanging off center, towards the right, from the top of her head, leaving one of her ears exposed while the other barely peeks out from under her hair. Her face is angular but still with the rounded look of youth to her cheeks. Brown eyes are warm with a touch of sass to them and her skin has a soft warm dusky glow to it.

She is dressed in a simple pale pink and close fitting top without any embellishments and fairly short of sleeves. She also has on the simplest of dark brown pants that are fairly close fitting. All perfect for a young sailer to not get caught.


alaryl was born aboard ship Destiny's Dream, off the coast of Half Moon Bay Weyr. Her parents, both seacrafters, were Sarintar and Evaryl. She spent her whole life sailing the seas and only venturing on land during deliveries or picking up cargo or passengers. In the eigth Turn of her life, a freak storm off the coast of Monaco Bay Weyr caught the ship almost completely unawares. Passengers were shoved into life vests as quickly as possible which saved a great many life. Sarintar did his best to keep the ship afloat, but a massive wave upturned the craft and sent everyone plummeting into the sea. Dolphins scoured the wreck for as many people as possible until riders from the Deluge wing of Monaco made it there to help with the rescue. Most of the passenger made it through, as did much of the crew. Sadly, Sarintar was lost in the wreck and Evaryl died later from wounds. Talaryl, lost and adrift, eventually went to Xanadu where here Great-Aunt Keziah decided to take her under her wing.


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