Wild reddish-brown hair, almost the color of rust sprouts from this young man's head, falling just at the back of his neck. His bangs have been allowed to grow, and are usually pushed behind his ears or getting in the way of his cerulean blue eyes. He has a rather small nose, and a few freckles dapple his cheeks and curl under his eyes. A necklace can be seen hanging around his neck, but is usually stuffed under his shirt. The rest of his body has a rather lean look to it, he's tall and lanky, his arms are especially long and his fingers almost look like spinner legs as they flex and work. His overall stature almost gives one the impression of still growing into his body.

The lad is usually wearing a light blue tunic that has definitely seen better days and is probably just a size or two too small for him. The sleeves are a little rough around the edges and dirt smudges that never seem to come out in the wash are prominient in spots t. Around his waist is a simple black belt that holds up khaki-brown pants. The pants, too, have seen better days, especially in the knee region where various holes have started to appear from over-use. On his feet are wher-hide boots which are also a tan-brown in color.


Taidel grew up in fort hold with his mother and father as a only child. You would think that that would generally mean that one would grow up spoiled and be a general nuisance, and you would be partly right. But even young Taidel could be found scurrying in the kitchen, helping his mother cook things. Even if it never really turned out to be spectacular, because he had a love of putting things together that normally wouldn't work very well. Grapefruit in klah? Check. Hotsauce in Lemonade? Sure! Meat in cookies, why not? Most of his experiments never work, but there is the rare times when something just clicks. It takes a lot of tasting and a lot of patience though! Because of this, his parents had long learned not to try anything that Tai concocted, even if it did smell rather good and tantilizing. But Tai was always rather stubborn, never listening to people when they put down something he'd put together, he'd just try something different the next time and see if it worked out that way.

As much as he loved the kitchen, he never really aspired to become an apprentice in the craft because of his more outlandish experiments would never be appreciated, nor welcome. So Taidel was more than happy to remain a simple cook, never moving up or aspiring to anything more. He was happy most making things to eat, even if people avoided his plates once they learned who put them together. The way he figures it, you'll never know if something tastes good together until you try it.


Name Relation Location Position
Father Fort Hold
Mother Fort Hold




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