The full length of her hair would be hard to determine as it's caught up in a sleek runnertail then twisted and held in place with a simple barette. The color, however, is easy, deep auburn with a few natural streaks of gold here and there to give it depth, and matching her long lashes and elegantly arched brows. The brows top warm brown eyes, the color of rich chocolate and are balanced by a full mouth and dainty nose. She is slender, standing about 5'6 and on the curvy side, her shape a classic hourglass.

Her black slacks have wide legs and are cuffed, showing the rounded toe of her black pumps. A black jacket is worn over a deep green shirt and most times she carries a black leather satchel. Her only other adornment is a pair of thin reading glasses which are donned only on occasion, otherwise neatly stowed in her bag.



The fostered child of a greenrider, Taerah grew up at High Reaches but soon found herself sent to Harper Hall. Not for musical talent, no, she simply outgrew her tutors, drove them crazy to be specific, they weren't prepared for such a studious young girl. Her natural inclination toward keeping to herself and drinking in the details of history, literature, math, anything and everything, eventually led her down the path of an archivist. She reached her status as a Journeyman Harper fairly young and stayed at the Hall to help with instruction, occasionally visiting holds and weyrs for to help keep records straight and verify information. A call from Xanadu for help with theirs drew her to volunteer and so she's landed there with her satchel, ready to get to work.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother High Reaches Weyr Greenrider


Ruling the Skies Bronze Quill


Dark burnished bronze clings to this bronze's well formed body, settled like a heavy cloak upon his broad torso, lines of colors sweeping over his wide haunches, and settling around his lashing tail. Talons are long and dark, the same shadowed hues inhibiting the ridges on his back, and darkening the spars that divide his large bronze sails, even as a rust colors his headknobs and face, like a mane around his face.


Title OOC Date Cast
Love Letters June 23, 2010 K'ael, Taerah, Amelia
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