Sex Male
Craft Techie
Rank Search Rider
Age 31 Turns
Birthplace Monaco Bay Weyr
OOC Casting Call Santiago Cabrera


Bright hazel green eyes rest upon this young man, his tall well over six feet and where he was once lanky he has filled out rather nicely with muscle though nothing to the point of being all brawn in a sense. His hair is dark brown and has a natural slight curl to the strands that are long. He has a slight mustache that rests neatly upon his upper lip, there is a small goatee and then a scruffy beard that is trimmed neatly across the edge of his face and chin.

Clothing is neat and simple, nothing fancy unless needed. A long sleeved tunic of dark blue rests upon him, the sleeves often rolled up at his elbows, the neckline dips into V form and a simple thing stand of leather rest at the neckline to keep the shirt close there. A pair of dark brown trousers upon his lower half, and boots seen as well. A thick belt rests around his waist, at the left is a sheath for a dagger and at his right is a pouch for odds and ends.

He often wears a pale bronze colored flightjacket that is well made and has a slight two-toned look.At his right shoulder rests a Xanadu knot for search and rescue, and has a stand of bronze through the center of it.


Growing up in a place like a Sea Hold one would perhaps be destined to be in seacraft. Though Trevares was never one for the sea, he likes to look at it, doesn't mind a swim but the thought of staying out on the sea at all times was not a life that he wanted to have. Which to a seacraft father was not the idea he wanted to hear from his only son. Trevares was the only son to a family deep in having seacrafters in the line, his two older sisters had wanted nothing to do with the craft as well, and as such it was a large amount of weight placed on the boy's shoulders to follow in his father's footsteps.

Since Trevares was a child he always helped tinker with his mother's craft, as she is in the Technology Craft she often had plenty of work at home that she was working on, and had plenty of at home lessons for her children to show them how things worked. Trevares took to it like a fish in water, and before long he was helping his mother with the work that was brought home. All this happened without letting his father in on what was going on, though once the news was spilled Trevor was dragged out on the family boat to be taught 'real' lessons. He nearly drowned twice, another time he was dragged into the air when a net was getting reeled in; there was plenty of other mishaps and numerous accidents happening when he was around. The others on the boat felt Trevares was bad luck, and thus he was booted from the boat and asked not to return by more than one. This along with the news of Trevares not wanted to follow his feather in the seacraft was enough to drive a stake into the relationship between the two.

While Trevares was on that boat he did fall in love with one thing, the stars, he would often be found staring at the sky. His father seemed eager to teach him everything he knew, hoping perhaps if he fell in love with some part of the craft that he would grow to love the rest. This would not be the case though. With the relationship with his father falling apart Trevares went to the only place that he could find some enjoyment and that was right into the Technology Craft. He was young and eager to learn, the classes came easily thanks to his mother's lessons. The Technology Craft was not the only thing he excelled in, he also had a natural love for music, and while he has a rather lovely singing voice you will very rarely ever catch him singing, instead he plays instruments. The two that he feels at home with is the flute and guitar, easy to carry and he plays both with simple ease, which comes from plenty of practice.

He can often be found at Eastern Weyr, the Technology Craft gives him plenty of reason to pop in and get some lessons in, work on something, and then other times to just hang out with the few friends he has in the area.

Life is funny in a way, he was rather happy at home in MBW, though his dear dragon felt the need to mess things up and throw a hammer through his life when he caught the Senior Queen at Xanadu. In the end T'revs and Draukaith stayed at Xanadu, any relationships his had at MBW have been more then strained after the past few turns though he puts for the effort to visit his daughter. For now his still at Xanadu and plans to stay it would seem.

The Bronzer finds himself sticking around Xanadu since losing his Weyrleader spot, his back at home in search and rescue and tends to keep to himself when not at the local Tavern.


Name Relation Position Age
Reya Person he once knew Jr. WeyrWoman of MBW Best not to ask!
Ravya Daughter Weyrbrat Eight Turns




His Wrath Undoes the Wicked Bronze Draukaith

From his broad head and high head knobs, down to the tip of his dangerous whip-like tail, this hatchling was built for true power. Molten hues cascade across this bronzes deep chest and muscular shoulders, spilling across his sides where it trickles down powerful hind quarters as though this dragonet fought against the heated waves of liquid copper with brute force. Those brilliant tones pool down between strong talons, the very tips ornate in flawless ivory. Running down the top of his snout, across high neck ridges cut flecks of gold through the surging waves of bronze and copper, spraying across billowing sails of immense wings as though they capture formidable waves of metals within wide spar reach. The same gold pools around the base of this hatchling's eyes, bringing light to the heavily shadowed sanguine ridges over each. Dominant in stature, his large form is held high with an air of authority. Even if his feet are much to large for his still growing frame.


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