You see before you a young man with curlyish brown hair. Cut sort of in a bowlish cut it seems to somewhat have a life of its own bouncing here and there. Deep chocolatey eyes sit under fudgy brown arcs, and a firmly set nose separates the eyes. He too has an easy temperment, and smiles easily. Tanned he is from being outside in nature travelling with his da's trader train and life at a weyr.He usually wears a brown shirt, with brown pants and has black boots. A blue belt holds up his pants, and has a sheath for his beltknife and variously hued pouches holding various things he might be needing. A knot marking him as a Bakercrafter sits on his left shoulder. His right shoulder bears a knot which shows him to be a Brown rider in the Asteroid wing.


Tomaz was raised in a loving and large family of traders. He is the youngest of the Walks in the trader train. He grew up helping with the trading and cooking by many a fire or in a kitchen, and found he had a love for the foods they had at gathers and while they travelled from place to place. Curious about cooking, he, once he was old enough to stir with a spoon would pester his Ma or Aunties to let him help cook. He is willing to learn, and has dabbled in dishes that one would never expect to bubble and stew in the mind of this fellow. He is ready for learning and adventure and whatever other adventures and lessons come his way he'll take on with gusto.

Soon as he was old enough, his oldest brother, swooped down on the train, and took him to Western, where he apprenticed to Master Denna. After some time he walked the tables, and literally walked right out of the weyr, got on a dragon and was sent to help Master Arachna before she transferred to Telgar Hold, leaving him in charge of the kitchens. Before he could blink an eye one day he was Searched, and he wrote to his former Master asking for help due to his Candidate chores taking precedence over kitchen stuff.

He stood out on the Sands with others including another Bakercrafter, Sabriel and both practically Impressed at the same time, he to Dementh and she to Maith… Time has passed and now T'maz is going back to being a Journeyman as well as riding


Name Relation Location Position
Lilias Mother Caravan Trader
Jeffry Father Caravan Trader
J'vry Brother Ista Weyr Rider to Leoth
Caya Sister Telgar Hold Headwoman
Jesta Sister
Miro Sister
Lariss Sister Xanadu Weyr Rider to Brown Alexanith
Amiella Sister
Fallesten Brother
Elletona Sister
Candia Neice Fort Weyr Rider to Brown Cinrath
Carrie Cousin Trader
Carlie Cousin Trader
Shairla Cousin Western Weyr Rider to Alexanth
Jeddia Grand-Neice Harper Hall Apprentice


Fresh Baked Brown Shoofly
Burnt crust brown charred with a little too much baking darkens the headknobs of this firelizard.It lightens into perfect eggwashed piecrust shine over most of his body and pales to cream at talons and paws. Dark molasses trails from the burnt crust knobs, dripping between scales and slathers the belly and bottom of his tail. Pecan brown spatters the wings and upper side of the firelizard's tail.

Blue Stormborne

Green Diana

Green Jadeite

Fighter Green Samantha
This tiny firelizard is a uniform forest green, from nose to tail tip. She's a fit individual, as though shaped from turns of action. Despite her diminished size, or perhaps because of it, she's determined to play with the big boys and their toys, and she won't take no for an answer. The upshot of this is, though she tries to keep herself looking relatively presentable, she often gets into all of the messy little games the big boys like. When it comes down to it, she'll obey orders, but only from her immediate superiors.


Illusion of Stripes Brown Dementh
Gentle maple brown drips down the smooth hide of this bulky fellow, his head is round and plump eyeridges sitting higher than usual. A very long and strong neck appears to have more muscle than he would truly need. The rosy brown hide drapes over his wide frame, his body sporting a good sized gut that wiggles with a gelatin like appearance as he walks. Dark mahogany appears to down oversized wings, much bigger than the average and surely to bring swift flight. Klah bark brown and copper stripe down his back and the horizontal lines do nothing to diminish his belly. Muscular haunches support his wide girth, and hefty back end. Aged oak shades his tail adding some balance to the chaos that is the rest of him.
Red and purple leather strips of ovine padded herdbeast leather form strangely bright stripes adding to the stripes on Dementh. Silvery buckles that seem to be in the shape of feline heads with large smiles glitter and are kept polished by T'maz quite fastidiously.


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