Played By Rasmus Ledin
Sex Male
Dragon Bronze Saumath
Position Wingrider
Specialty Still looking
Age Teen
Birthplace Xanadu Weyr
Home Xanadu Weyr


Liquid brown eyes, the color of burnished bronze, peek out from under a mop of black hair. Thick and straight, it not only covers his eyes but it also skims along his scrawny shoulders. His skin has a slight brownness to it, nothing dark, but enough to keep him form ever looking pale. His face has that youthful roundness, but that is about the only thing. He's not just on the short side, but he's also on the thin side. He's not starves looking, just a skinny little runt.

He's dressed simply and practically. His brown pants are well-worn wherhide, scarred and battered perhaps, but practically as soft as butter. A simple belt with a sheath on it holds up his pants. His shirt is a simple beige affair, short of sleeves and lacking in collar. In fact, it looks as if the collar has been removed. Over the shirt is a dark brown vest with a spattering of different sized pockets. For footwear, he has on a pair of scuffed boots with squared toes.


T'lon, born Tealonie, has spent his whole life, as short as it's been, at Xanadu Weyr. His father is bronzerider T'ea and his mother is greenrider and healer Shalaya. His best friend in the whole wide world is his twin brother Shanatea, who is only older than Teal by less than a candlemark. They poke and prod each other like none other, but are quick to defend the other against anyone else. Both have been exposed to a variety of opportunities, including an education at Landing and a chance to work with the computers. However, Teal never did like being cooped up much indoors. Being quite active, he's often outside or at the stables hoping to prove to his Da that he is old enough to ride one of his Da's geldings by himself. Course, his time at the stables isn't all just spent drooling over his Da's geldings, but often in helping out. Most of the time it's grunt work, but sometimes he's even allowed to groom. Though despite not yet having earned the privilage of riding any of his Da's geldings whenever he wants too, he has had the opportunity of riding one of the smaller ponies that's kept around for the kids. When he's not playing with the ponies or playing in the water with his brother, he can often be found in the forest, climbing trees.


Name Relation Location Position
Shanatea Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Dolphincrafter
T'ea Father Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider
Shalaya Mother Xanadu Weyr Greenrider/Healer
Shannonie P. Grandmother Half Moon Bay Weyr Healer
S'in P. Grandfather Half Moon Bay Weyr Greenrider



**Brawn Over Brains Bronze Brawn*

The story of this one is written in a patchwork of tales, adventures and stories to carry one into the far future. Scrawled over his hide are leathery pages folded one over another in a taunt binding. Although the skin which stretches over his large and muscled frame is perfectly smooth, the appearance of such patches makes it look as though one could traces the line from one scroll to the next. Of hue the hides are mostly darkened by time and oddly enough comprised of metal! Some matte and dull, others shimmery and newly burnished it reflects the mix of tales he can tell, or rather could if only he could speak human. It seems only other firelizard, and perhaps his owner can get the gist, of the fine things he has slipped away with between his thin nimble ebon talons. Bulging arm and leg muscles reflect tat he can indeed back up might to his words and a sinuous length of tail is equally able to leg another limb to his efforts. Sturdy spars are wrought in an aging bronze which spills out upon tarnished sails that even Igen's sands would have a hard time cleansing. The sails are both long and broad so that it carries him with strength and purpose to match that suspicious twinkle in his whirling eyes.


**Leaf Gecko Brown Quami*
What is that? That freaky thing! This will be a common reaction upon seeing this brown lizard. His coloring is a mix of browns, grays, and other earth tones, but it isn't his color that will cause pause in people oh no. It's his shape. This poor lizard is a misshapen fellow. His face gives the appearance of being smooshed in giving his nose the impression of being pulled upward and flattened. His head is a mix of muddled shades. Browns that morph into whites and back into reddish ruddy earth tones. The light colored ridges around his eyes are very pronounced curving from the top of his upturned nose around the top of his eyes and coming to a distinct point almost like a horn before curving downward around the bottoms of his eyes. While we are on the subject of eyes we can't not take in his perfectly spherical eyeballs that that seem to protrude outward from his eye ridges as they whirl and shine with light. His head is stubby and blocky with no discernable head knobs. His neck is stunted and leads right into an equally strange looking body. If seen from above his body will appear thin and waifish, but if you look from the ground you will see his body isn't small at all it's just more vertical than horizontal. His body is covered in the color of rusted leaves and has dashes of ochre and grayish white all mixed together in an unflattering way. His back curves upward in a gentle slope before curving back downward toward his tail. His long powerful wings, which are probably the most normal looking part of him, spread outward covering his body when he isn't in flight. When he is in flight you see that the coloring of the wings is mostly a mottling of gray and brown. If one were to look closely you would see that those lines of gray squiggle and worm their way throughout his sails. The patches of mottled brownish red on his wings don't catch the light and seem to absorb it instead. His tail can't be described as anything but deformed. While his body is tall it looks like his tail was run over and pounded flat. There are grooves and divots along the side that make it look jagged and rough, much like a dead leaf that has fallen and dried on the ground. His four legs are squat and end in claws that have a rounded look to them. What is that freaky thing?


**Worth Her Weight in Gold Saffron*
Brilliantly luminous gold lights a glorious vision of grace and beauty. She is a being of light and air, fragile bones framing an eligant form neither so large as to seem brawny, nor so small as to be puny. Pale golden sunlight sparkles playful kisses over a narrow, delicate head. Large limpid pools make the expressive eyes, limned by exotic saffron liner. Just the slightest whisper of red slips into the golden light where is caresses the serpentine neck. The light tumbles bright bubbles of silver-gold over a lean, graceful back then shifts to a cooler red gold as it slips down her sides to the willowy limbs and tail. Polished gold warms the silken flow of lean muscles over the length of her as she raises her wings to the light of Rukbat. A lacey pattern of rich red gold throws foral ribbons over the metallic brilliance of the saffron gold sails and spars.


Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog Bronze Saumath


Title OOC Date Cast
Double Trouble! September 30, 2015 Shanatea, Soriana, Tealonie
Once More (with Feelings) October 02, 2015 Gerazal, Kera, Soriana, Tealonie
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