The young man is tall and slender, with long, lanky legs. His hair is brown, nearly black, and ends scruffily just below his neckline. His beard and mustache are peppered with black, and kept fairly neatly trimmed. He has a round nose, and deep set green eyes with thick eyebrows above them.
The brownrider is wearing a serviceable white shirt, and tan pants. His black boots are tied up wtih brown laces. He has a knot on his shoulder signifying him as a brown rider in Asteroid wing from Xanadu Weyr.


Tandelek was raised by his harper-trained mother and his cotholder father. His mother left the Harper Hall when she met his father, and chose to leave to marry him. They live on a small hold near Keroon, and raise livestock of all kinds. When Tandalek was small, he learned quite a bit from both his parents, who instilled in him a love of learning. However, they also instilled in him a mistrust of the 'powers that be'. His mother felt slighted by some percieved offense in the Hall, and nursed a grudge against all authority. The young man is still impressionable, but it may take real work to correct the misconceptions of his rearing.
Tandelek was sent on a run to deliver some runners to Xanadu Weyr, and was subsequently Searched by Marte. He Stood, but wasn't picked for his lifemate then. He began working with Jaledan and the herders at Xanadu Weyr, preferring to continue his studies while staying a candidate. Finally, he Impressed to his brown Montereth at 20 turns. Montereth is a very intellectual dragon, loving to learn. Perhaps he may teach Tandelek (now christened T'lek) the lessons he needs to learn. T'lek is continuing to work with the Beastcraft at Xanadu.


Name Relation Location Position
Ekena Mother Keroon Hold Holder
Tandel Father Keroon Hold Holder
Endul Brother Keroon Hold Holder
Kellan Brother Keroon Hold Holder
Dellak Brother Keroon Hold Holder


Blue Heathcliff


Brown Montereth

Blocky and almost squarish in his over all appearance is this large brown. From the tip of his blunt snout up over his elongated face, with its deep-set eyes, he's a dark loamy brown. The thickness of his neck leads into the boldness of his shoulders and forelimbs before flowing down into his chest and back. It's on these parts of his body that his coloring turns an oily brown, complete with the constantly shiny and slickness that comes with it. Hints of greens and blues swirl lazily over his claws and lower legs while a soft dusting of soft cocoas lighten his belly. Strong wings whip out from his back, capturing the grittiness and hue of sand on his sails with burnt cinnamon hues along his spars. Hindquarters down throughout the stiff length of his tail are an odd mixture of all hues upon his body combined, with the spade seeming to have been dipped in caramel.
About Montereth's shoulders sit a utilitarian set of straps, fashioned from red and black leather. There seems to be a gold symbol at a couple of the joints that appears to look like a flame surrounded by a white-gold disk.


Title OOC Date Cast
Gold Mellonath Rises January 28, 2007 Ethne, K'ralt, T'lek, T'vis, and Zera
Random Log: Velhan is Searched July 2007 Ch'na, T'lek, Velhan
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