A quirky smile, that can go from mocking to amused in a blink, is generally the first thing about T'gan to draw the eye. There is something about that curl lip and the twinkle in blue eyes that makes it difficult to suss out what he might be thinking. Still, there are laugh lines aplenty in a face that still boast a measure of boyish charm. Dark brown hair is kept neatly trimmed and 'artfully tousled', a faint wave suggesting that it might be curly should it ever be allowed to grow out. While just under six feet tall, his form is solidly built, strong by necessity if not quite 'chiseled'.

T'gan's clothing is simple and functional, often in muted colors with subtle patterns or no patterns at all. His clothing is in good repair and fits him well, but it is clear that fashion is not his forte.


T'gan, previously Taegan, was born and raised at Ista Weyr where he spent many a turn sneaking sweets and bemoaning lessons and generally causing the sort of ruckus a young child is known to cause. He began Standing at a young age, but it wasn't until he was sixteen that he managed to Impress, finding himself partnered to brown Arendeth. The pair had an uneventful weyrlinghood and went on to join the transport Wing, looking for adventure. A few turns and a few thousand miles of travel later, and that 'adventure' took on a new meaning when he was summarily transferred out of Ista and off to Xanadu. The specifics surrounding the move are all rather vague, with the rumor mill happy to supply the most outrageous assumptions about T'gan's transfer. If asked himself, T'gan is likely to pick his favorite scandal and run with it, though the truth is likely to be far more mundane.



Valiant Pungent Reindeer King Brown Arendeth
On the larger side for a brown, Arendeth is nothing if not sturdy in form. While not overly muscled, his chest is broad and barreled, the deep brown hues the color of old leather and dappled with flecks of brown so deep it is nearly black. Robust in a way that is comforting instead of oppressive, Arendeth is possessed of a kind eye and sedate expression, looking more prone to warm hugs than grisly attacks. His head knobs and wingstays darkening to the color of rich bark and forest loam. Mighty wings, strong and broad, are graced with sails in rich russet hues that reflect the light in a dazzling display.


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