T'eo comes in a good six feet, with long dark brown hair and sharp coppery eyes. He's fit, but no muscle builder, his form a result of his craft work. A handsome olive complexion of golden hued skin to accent the dark locks of hair, he can be a bit offsetting by his decisive copper stare. His cheek bones are soft but his chin, strong, as is the ridge of his eyes, presenting his straight dark brows boldly. When his mouth is in neutral it gives the appearance of him being troubled by some problem at hand, not prone to a natural smile by any means.

His attire is that of a short-sleeved navy blue linen shirt and a pair of shorts in a sturdy light blue fabric. His toes are visible under the straps of durable and well worn hide sandals that bear the perfect impressions of his feet in their faded soles. His waist length long hair is held back in a plait and he wears an iridescent mermaid charm on a piece of twine. Simple in it's crafting it glitters with an opalescence in the light, the many colors of it's make accentuating the delicately crafted details that make up the fair woman. The scales are so finely detailed that as it glimmers it looks alive.

On his shoulder he wears a knot of a SeaCraft Journeyman and the knot of Weyrleader at Western Weyr with the thread of coppery bronze for his lifemate.



Matteo grew up one of two sons of Sea Crafter Mathyem and his wife Loreona. His elder brother, M'lor was a brownrider for Xanadu Weyr where he suffered a head injury during acrobatics of the old Typhoon wing's kind. His head injury claimed his life and left the family devistated. None so much so as Loreona, Matteo's mother.
Through his early years Loreona's control on his life was strong. He often heard 'no' more than any other word, or so it seemed. But after appealing and help from his father he finally heard 'yes' on the request to go to Xanadu and study under his cousin in Sea Craft. This not occurring till he was 18 years of age.
At 13, however, he wasn't the only child anymore. A little girl was born, Lorena they named her. But he never got to know her much as after he went to Xanadu his returns were few and far between. Lessened even more so when he was Searched and impressed Copper-Bronze Raenth, becoming T'eo. Unfortunately, during Weyrlinghood his father passed away, ship taken by a squall.
T'eo's life at Xanadu was strained after Weyrlinghood. What with his beligerant but exceedingly flirty bronze and a new weyrmate, L'alie, clutchmate and rider of Brown Adinaeth, T'eo could hardly find time for his craft. Things became no easier when he was made temprorary Weyrleader for a while when C'ian was having problems. Luckily Kilaueth caught C'ian's bronze again and T'eo was somewhat liberated. Things looked up even more when he was made Journeyman but there was dispute over whether he'd be issued a ship. After a long political battle the Oranna came up at Western for him.
After just two turns at sea with his bronze floating along in the wake, Daniella, wingleader of his old wing, stepped down and the wingleadership was offered to him. Understanding the desires of his lifemate, weyrmate, and weyrleaders he took it, proceeding to more or less shut down his high-seas life and settle down into the Weyr. This perhaps prepared him the most for his sister's sudden arrival, alerting of his mother's death. This care for his younger sister was perhaps the best of prep for his later roles in life.
Both L'alie and Junior Weyrwoman, Aeris, gave birth to two adorable children on the same day; Aeris, to a boy, Aereo, and L'alie, to a girl, Teila. Needless to say it made for one stressful day in the infirmary. Now a father, T'eo made every opportunity he could to be able to spend time with his children, but it wasn't long after Lorena's impression to brown Loyauth that T'eo found himself swamped again with wing and craft.
He eventually had to forgo his wing, but in the midst of all the activity, L'alie and T'eo split. T'eo became something of a grumpy recluse, staying on his ship most of the time, out and about at sea. He was rarely around the Weyr for periods longer than a few days. And so it was, at Western Weyr, that when Aerhi's gold Onauth rose, Raenth chased and caught, making T'eo the new Weyrleader.


Name Relation Location Position
Loreona Mother Deceased NPC
Mathyem Father Deceased NPC
M'lor Brother Deceased NPC
Lorena Sister Xanadu AWLM with Brown Loyauth
Teila Daughter Xanadu NPC
Aereo Son Xanadu App. SeaCraft

T'eo By Music

  • Changes In Lattitudes, Changes In Attitudes - Jimmy Buffett

So many nights I just dream of the ocean
God I wish I was sailin again
Oh, yesterdays over my shoulder
So I cant look back for too long
Theres just too much to see waiting in front of me
And I know that I just cant go wrong

  • Cowboy In The Jungle - Jimmy Buffett

Roll with the punches
Play all of his hunches
Make the best of whatever came his way
What he lacked in ambition
He made up with intuition
Plowing straight ahead come what may

  • Son Of A Son Of A Sailor - Jimmy Buffett

As the son of a son of a sailor
I went out on the sea for adventure
Expanding the view of the captain and crew
Like a man just released from indenture

As a dreamer of dreams and a travelin man
I have chalked up many a mile
Read dozens of books about heroes and crooks
And I learned much from both of their styles

Son of a son, son of a son
Son of a son of a sailor
Son of a gun, load the last ton
One step ahead of the jailer

Now away in the near future
Southeast of disorder
You can shake the hand of the mango man
As he greats you at the border

And the lady she hails from trinidad
Island of the spices
Salt for your meat, and cinnamon sweet
And the rum is for all your good vices

Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind
That our forefathers harnessed before us
Hear the bells ring as the tight rigging sings
Its a son of a gun of a chorus

Where it all ends I cant fathom my friends
If I knew I might toss out my anchor
So I cruise along always searchin for songs
Not a lawyer a thief or a banker

But a son of a son, son of a son
Son of a son of a sailor
Son of a gun, load the last ton
One step ahead of the jailer

I'm just a son of a son, son of a son
Son of a son of a sailor
The seas in my veins, my tradition remains
I'm just glad I dont live in a trailer

Ultimately, if it's a Jimmy Buffett song it describes T'eo -somehow-… with few exceptions.


Dapper Bride-Groom Brown Roux
Bright gleaming cherry brown takes it's place as the base shade of this firelizard. A speckling of faded sandalwood, however, adds to stark contrast over his brows and ridges. Reaching up from his legs and belly creeps intricate swirls of darker mahogany interspersed with darts of brand sandy tan. The patterns don't stop, the pale sandalwood edging out along his wing spars and stretching into the cherry sails. They reach out in sharp lines to a fourth of the way before cherry takes over. But from the broader end mahogany makes its invasion again, curling and spiraling like fiddle heads of various lengths. The bright sandy tan makes an appearance once more with the same jagged darting here and there amid the curling mahogany, a little going a long way. Larger for his size he holds himself with innocent confidence. He's tubby with a bit of a waddle, but striking none the less.
Rogan is is 55 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 88 cm.

Killing Frost Blue Hoarfrost
As pale as snow, one would almost think this blue firelizard was white, but the give-away to this idea lays in the silvery-blue glow that his hide emits, like an extremely pale version of a chilly winter day's clear sky. His angular head with sharp-angled headknobs sits atop a finely sculpted neck, which leads to a set of broad and muscular shoulders where both heavy fore-legs begin, and his tailored wings sprout from. The rest of his body rests on the leaner side of the scale, more angles and sharp edges than pleasantly rounded corners. While his hide is remains a silvery-blue, a touch of pure white does mark his hide, along his wings. A flurry of snowflakes, each one unique with its imprint, rests there, upon the membrane of his wings, blowing over just enough to give him a light coating of snow between his shoulder blades.

Bright Hues Green Hestia
Slender but small, this little firelizard seems to glow with the brilliance of her body. Bright lime green runs along her back from the poll of her head along to just the end of her tail. It drips down into a lemongrass green coming up from her limbs, belly and snout, appearing striped like a wave of grass. The same lime runs over her wing joints, her sails, the lemony green of her belly. Her wings are rather tiny for her body, as small as she is but the bright color gives them a larger appearance.
Hestia is 42 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 68 cm.


Polished Copper Figurehead Bronze Raenth


Polished to perfection, this bronzen boy almost looks gold, with how naturally brilliant his hide is. But no, while he could almost pass for a golden queen - his size nearly being that a small queen - his hide holds merely a tint of a brownish-green copper tone, revealing his true color of bronze. Big for even his color, he also seems a bit ungainly, with longer limbs than his lean body really needs and a longer tail he often uses to help balance and steer his unusual body type. Polished copper flows smoothly over his entire being, the shiny amber hide hardly being marred by anything except- upon the base of his wings, appearing to be a little small for him, are hints of a rust that spread along his wing sails, and even to the translucent membranes. The only other spots of the rust color are located at the tip of his tail, his paws that lead to onyx talons, and smudged over his headknobs and eyeridges, much like a mask.
Rich red leather encompasses Raenth's golden copper neck in a set of three sturdy straps. Buckles and rings are here and there seemingly uselessly placed but for when he's in action where they can tether a rescue rope or a sling to lift a mast. The padding between the two is a softer plush neoprene with holes for breathability. It holds the straps snug against the bronze's hide without wear or chafing, providing means for each of them to be tightened by their four brass buckles without pain to the dragon. Between the ridges, modeled leather with a plush suede seat, worn by the years rests waiting for his rider, security straps buckled together to keep out of the way.
Raenth has a length of 37.88 meters, and a wingspan of 63.13 meters.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Attends Eastern's Hatching February 8, 2008 A'ryn, A'ven, Delynni, Jheina, Kessa, Marcus, Senkyou, T'eo, Y'sar
Western's New Weyrleader April 13, 2008 M'iri, Senkyou, T'eo
Kilaueth's Clutching: March 22, 2008 March 22, 2008 Alara, Amarante, Arkoss, Deianeira, Ethne, Hesketh, Heeva, J'rezi, Kilaueth, Kitty, Laureate, Lorena, Lyn, Myesha, Niva, Ryski, Senkyou, T'eo, Zevida
Xanadu Riders Visit Western, Again 2008 L'alie, M'iri, R'oc, T'burk, T'eo
Random Log: Survival Camp Day 3 2008 Amarante, Arkoss, Chaitra, Delenn, Heeva, Keziah, Kristhalis, Laera, L'alie, Lorena, M'iri, Myesha, Orla, Rhalin, R'in, Ryski, T'eo, Z'kiel
Spontaneous Tavern Gathering 2008 Andis, Katherine, L'alie, M'iri, Niva, Or'un, R'miel, Senkyou, Syril, T'eo, Ysa
M'iri, T'eo, and Senkyou 2008 M'iri, Senkyou, T'eo
Xanadu Riders Visit Western Hadria, Jolie, M'iri, R'lyeh, R'oc, T'eo, Xelleen
Amarante and Delynni are Searched 2008 Alara, Amarante, Arkoss, Delynni, Kitty, Lorena, Senkyou, T'eo
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