Sleek black hair falls in a straight stream down his neck to his shoulders, the front has been left a little long, though not so long has to hang in his deep blue eyes. He has his hari neatly braided and tied off with a bit of leather. His face has soft features, almost more feminine than masculine, and there is a certain merriment that dances in his glistening orbs. His hands are shapely, with long fingers and carefully trimmed nails, the hands of an artist perhaps, ones that are unknown to hard labor. He is tall, and although he is not lanky, he's not bulky with muscles either. He has a certain amount of muscle tone, that only hads to his almost girlish figure.
He's dressed in a simple pair of grey linen pants, loose fitting and seemingly quiet comfortable. His shirt is a soft cotton, though not fancy, nor brand new, it is of a fine servicable and free from stains. Upon his feet are a plain pair of boots, soft leather and hard soles.


Tabearin started life out as one of many younger sons of a minor hold just out side of Far Cry near the Telgar Weyr. Nestled in the forests between the two ranges, he found ample opportunity for exploration and contemplation. Listening to the old stories of Thread set him off dreaming, wondering what it would have been like to lie entombed in a sheltering hold, not knowing where the accursed menace might fall. His family thought him nuts, to wonder about such things, but being a youngest son, no one really worried about it for long.

As he grew older such daydreams turned to other things and he often times found himself sketching his thoughts down on paper so has to remember them in all their glory. Occasionally he'd sell a small portrait so that he could enjoy a gather or perhaps purchase some small item.

He seemed to have a natural knack for capturing things down in his drawings and at the tender age of ten he was apprenticed to the Harpers who had the skills to refine his talent, and perhaps bring some honor to his family. Life was good in the Harpers, he had his fill of food and was encouraged to do what many thought of as a waste of time. Not everything was sugar and sweetness however.

Because of his quiet nature, and girlish looks, he was the butt of many pranks and often tormented. This only increased his quiet ways and more and more often he found himself retreated to secluded areas, distancing himself from the others. Though this did not really get him in trouble, it did earn him a reputation of being a recluse and while there may have been a time when he may have been a candidate for promoting him to Journeyman in the coming turns, such thinking was forgotten as more promising and assertive apprentices presented themselves.

This hasn't caused Tabearin to bitter in anyway for with time, some of the other apprentices even forgot to pick on him as they increased in rank and privileges. This of course gave him more time for studying people, dragons, trees and other things so he could draw them, capturing their essence.

To elaborate upon things, Tabearin is a dreamer, always has been, always will be. He's been accused of being gay, being a eunuch and other impolite things. In general he tends to be none of them. He's shown no preference for males, though he does like to flatter the women, even if he doesn't have any ties to one. Perhaps the fact that he doesn't seem to have a lady love, along with his physical appearance, is what make people think he is gay, when in fact he's not.

His oldest brother had a hand in his thinking on the world. Tough, belittling of things that don't involve physical strength, in fact the essential bully. Instead of becoming just as brutal as his eldest brother, he became more attached to things of nature, than to people. Nature didn't bully you, though she may unleash her fiery nature upon you in the form of storms and such, but in general it wasn't personal.

He took to spending more time out of doors and took to taking down his experiences on paper. Not being a great writer, he turned to drawing. At first it was simple things, a basic outline of a leaf, a rough drawing of a flower, or a dragon silhouette.

Teased an tormented he only grew quieter, his tendency to become even more like that of the gentle females of his hold. Course not all were gentle in nature, his own sisters had a fiery temperament, being redheads like there mother, but he tended to take after his own mother who was a delicate flower, and hardly given to harsh words.

As he grew in age, joining the craft, he was first a prized student, one who was eager to learn and took what he learned and applied it with growing skill. As talked turned more and more to which apprentices were showing promise, and which ones would be molded towards journeyman he became more and more recluse.

He had no wish to be quickly promoted, to teach what he had learned, when he still thought he had much to learn. The thought of travel was appealing, but the responsibility was that which was afraid to grasp. So despite the promise that he had shown, he held himself back, fearful of the future and the unknown.

Tabearin is quite girlish in some respects, enjoy the gentler sides of nature, and the beauty in things. He's quiet and soft-spoken, very much like his mother. He doesn't believe in bullying others, and will try to show a humorous side when bad events happen.

His dream is to one day draw a portrait that would please his family, to show them the skill that he has and that drawing isn't a frivolous pastime, but a beautiful way in which to record history. Drawing is his life, his one true escape and means of expressing himself. Each picture is precious and dear to him, capturing life as it is at one single moment.

The dreams of being a rider. Tabearin has never really dreamed of being a dragonrider, not as he's dreamed of being a great artist. However the idea has flickered in his head from time to time, like it does in many boys fantasies. Generally his dreams take him to new vista's new heights from which to gaze upon the world.

At times he has wished for the companionship and loving that comes from a dragon, though his mother loved him dearly, she was often distant for she doted upon his father. Also his father is the one that had a hand in raising then boys, not his mother. So the only person in the world that truly loved him as he was , was almost inaccessible.


Name Relation Location
Beradon Father Far Cry Hold
Telara Mother Far Cry Hold
Bradeon Brother
Tela Sister
Cairyi Sister
Gordi Brother
Ferant Brother


Bronze Ryunth
Moonglow touched bronze trickles down the muzzle of this gigantic fellow. His head is covered in shaded pattersn of midnight bronze. Speckles of gold petals dance over his head and down his proudly arched neck. Dark bronze and faint pinpricks of bone slide from neck to shoulders. Shoulders are plain and dark bronze, but huge and powerful as well. Back and haunches lighten somewhat, to a more brassy bronze. Streaks of faint lightning peruse the gently sloped backside of this giant. Wings, great strong copper wings spread like silk from his great bronze shoulders, gleaming and shining like new metalwork. Legs and tail lighten up to the color of a new penny. Ridges of tarnished bronze slip smoothly down from his neck to cross his back and then melt down his tail, dissappearing as his tail spade forms.


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Xanadu Hatching, April 25, 2004 April 25, 2004 Alhenaeth, Asiree, C'ian, Delia, Elia, Eulalie, Fincayra, Hakon, Kilaueth, Lahela, Matteo, Miiriel, Niva, Rh'al, Saelis, Tabearin, Tahndahr, T'ea
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