Full Name:

Sorrin Wayfinder
5' 8"

Birth Place:

Jr. Weyrwoman / BEC Journeyman
High Reaches Hold



Laid back and casual, there is an almost tomboyish quality to Sorrin that hasn't quite escaped her even with age. She moves like someone at ease with herself - fluid with an easy grace that makes her seem more like the girl-next-door rather than a Weyrwoman. There is a lanky sort of look to her, though. The passing years having filled her out some, giving the impression of some curves beneath her clothes even if she rarely dresses to show them. Athletic, toned and strong, she is no dainty damsel, this one.

Strands of fawn brown hair dangle down into her eyes with fashionably long bangs. Longer, slightly wavy locks are sometimes drawn together at her neck and braided into a long runner-tail that hangs down to her mid-back or left to lay haphazardly over her shoulders. A thin pink scar marrs her right cheek, the result of some accident perhaps. Her face carries soft features, rounded cheekbones accentuated by a narrow chin and delicate nose. Strait eyebrows frame a pair of soft, yet intelligent hawkish gray-brown eyes.

Her clothing is simple, without the flare of some other riders. A dark hide jacket often hangs from her shoulders, looking worn and comfortable from turns of use. Beneath this, a thin tunic of a flowing material clings close to her skin, following the curve of her belly until it vanishes into the top of her pants. Long, wherhide and dyed nearly black, the leggings are soft and supple, allowing an ease of movement. Her feet are covered by a pair of black boots which lace up to mid-calf. Perhaps the only adornment she has at all is a single silver earring that hangs from her right ear, with a smaller charm of a golden dragon dangling from it.




Soralyn was a young girl of the beastcraft, specializing in the healing and care of animals. Terrin, on the other hand, was a lad from the runnercraft. He rode long days with caravans as a guard and spent much of his youth in the wilds between holds, halls, and weyrs. The two met on a dusty afternoon as Terrin finished one of his runs. Love at first sight? Hardly. Soralyn and Terrin had a love-hate relationship as youths, which developed into a far more lasting relationship than any childhood infatuation. When their daughter was born, it was the culmination of many years between the two. It was finally the blessing they had worked so hard to bring into the world.

Sorrin was one of those eerie babes who do not cry when they are born. There was some worry from the healers that she might have been deaf or damaged in some way after the hard labor. In the days that followed, her parents probably wished that it were so. Once the child began to wail, it took quite a great effort to calm her again. Many sleepless nights were sacrificed to try and placate the girl. Luckily, this faded by the end of her first year, and Sorrin became an average, bubbly and cheerful baby.

Like all children, Sorrin grew out of her toddling stages and became a curious and ambitious child. Unlike other girls her own age, she tended to stick close to her mother and father. She enjoyed spending time with the animals, and knew each of the runners by name. Sorrin questioned everything. She developed an eclectic taste for learning anything people had time to teach. At times, this infuriated the nannies who tried desperately to keep up with their charges and had little time for explaining things to a child.

With an excess of energy, Sorrin tended to be a bit rambunctious. She was rough and tumble and enjoyed the times where the children's groups were sent out to gather greens in the fields. She tended to choose the boys of the hold as her playmates. They would spend the rare warm afternoons in High Reaches Hold chasing the girls and playing at being healers, smiths, herders and dragonriders. Unfortunately though, those carefree childhood days would all too soon come to an end for Sorrin.



Name Relation Age Location Position NPC
Terrin Father +25T N/A (Deceased) Runner Yes
Soralyn Mother +17T Beascraft Hall Senior Journeyman Yes
Telemar Uncle +22T High Reaches Hold Runner Yes
Telaria Aunt +28T N/A (Deceased) Housekeeper Yes
Soriana Daughter -30T Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat No



Daughter of Smoke and Bone Green Karou
Description: To be simply green these days seems to be a bit of an irregularity, but this firelizard seems to be just that at first. Her smooth and supple hide has the brilliance of stone-cut jade that deepens to the depths of foresty pine in the curves of muscle and the sharp angles of bone. The only truly unusual thing is a flare of striking electric blue that runs across her neckridges, highlighting headknobs and lacing it's way to the end of her whipchord tail. There is something in how this tiny creature holds herself, though: head held high, wings built for speed. Intelligence shows in her small whirling eyes, delicate, dark talons more dexterious than those of larger lizards and made for finer tasks.



  • She tends to be one of those klah-addict riders who can't start the day well without a mug of the stuff.
  • Sorrin claims that she doesn't eat any food that is green, although this may be just an aversion to certain verdant vegetables.
  • She tries to avoid the infirmary whenever possible, the smell of antiseptic and numbweed reminding her a bit too much of her father's final days.
  • Sorrin has always been a bit of a jack-of-all-trades sort of person, and has tried her hand at quite a few crafts both in her youth and adult years before settling on the beastcraft.
  • She was searched by J'em's bronze Fenrith, her dragon's sire.
  • Although Yumeth was born at High Reaches, the gold never had a clutch at the Weyr. She was injured during a storm and the pair was sent South to recover.
  • While Sorrin wished to return to the Weyr, a later-born gold didn't care for Yumeth, which left the pair without a Weyr to call home.
  • Dedicating much of her time to the Beastcraft after settling in Ierne, Sorrin has detailed lineages for the runners who she has been involved with over the turns, which she keeps with meticulous care.
  • Her daughter, Soriana, was fathered by an Ierne rider named S'iad (NPC) and was the result of a flight where his brown Mekianiath caught Yumeth. He has never been a part of his daughter's life.
  • Sorrin is a relative newcomer when it comes to actual Weyrwoman duties, having spent twenty-some years away from an actual Weyr and it's responsibilities.
  • There is a running rumor that Yumeth has never produced a clutch larger than five eggs. No dragonhealer has ever found anything wrong with the gold, but the problem persists. Yumeth, herself, insists it's a problem with the Ierne males being unfit. Still, it leaves some wondering why the Senior Weyrwoman would invite an obviously defective gold to Xanadu.



Snarled Waves of Gold Yumeth

She may be golden, this queen, but she is little else that one expects. Long, awkward flaxen-sailed wings look rumpled next to her richly caramel body. Her form is slender, with refined, elongated features from the curve of her limbs to the smoothly flawless hide of her muzzle. Prominent eye-ridges cast her fasceted eyes into shadow, lending them a dark look. The ridges of her neck are paler, buff blonde arching in uneven protrusions, peaks lopsided and sometimes craggy where they should be only smooth curves. Her limbs are slender, wing spars looking almost too delicate to hold her weight in flight, with dark talons that remain long and dangerously sharp. Shimmering honey streaks down her back and sides to brush against her syrup-colored belly, a line of it running down the lithe tail to the forked tip.



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