A woman, of about average height and with a lean, active figure. Her body's shape is more defined by bone and muscle than curves, though the contours of shoulders and hips make her gender clear enough - not that she generally does anything to accentuate that.
Her wavy sorrel hair is cut to about shoulder length. Short enough that it fits under a riding helmet, long enough that she can tie it back or otherwise style it if she decides to - though usually it just hangs in a loose mane. Overall, her features are more sturdy than delicate. A broad nose, a stubborn chin, and strong brows over plain brown eyes… not to mention she's got a big mouth.
She's dressed simply, in an olive green short-sleeved shirt and rusty brown trousers. They're both well-made, of tough fabric for practical use. Less practical is a necklace of interwoven orange and blue bearing a round pendant of gold-flecked green and blue glass, but it's half hidden by her shirt. The rest is back to practical. Her feet are stuck into woolen socks and leather boots, and she's got a plain brown wherhide jacket for when she needs it.
Her knot is that of a dragonhealer.


Soriana was born after Sorrin's gold Yumeth rose, and lived her childhood with her mother at a small cothold some distance from Ierne Weyrhold. She saw more of runnerbeasts than other children most of the time; her mother was her closest friend, and taught her how to ride and care for the beasts. Her education in other regards was overseen by a busy journeyman Harper from Ierne, mostly out of books and bi-(or tri-)monthly visits. It's perhaps a bit spotty, behind in some ways and ahead in others. Still, she was a bright enough child.

Besides helping out her mother, Soriana spent many an hour wandering and exploring, whether on foot or on runnerback. When she was nine she found an abandoned baby tunnelcat, which she brought home wrapped in her tunic. She named him Inkfoot, fed him milk from a soaked cloth, and ignored all the times he bit her. A few months later, she had herself a mostly tame pet to accompany her on her explorations. At the age of thirteen, she came to Xanadu Weyr with her mother. She was at first uncertain about settling into life there - and learning how to interact with others her own age. The dragons were easy. She'd been around Yumeth forever; there's just more of them here. The kids, on the other hand… proved manageable.

Shy at first, she quickly ended up known throughout the weyr's under-ten population as the tunnelcat girl due to Inkfoot's surprise popularity. Somehow she weathered the storm of grubby fingers, and slowly began to make other friends, closer to her own age. First was Idrissa, a girl she'd already known from visits during childhood who'd come along to work with the runners, and from there… ah, from there were others. Shy no more, she bloomed into a confident, playful, and perhaps sometimes bossy (or so some of the younger weyrbrats claimed!) girl. Along the way, she went on an adventure into crumbling ruins that had her confronting a wild feline and getting a brown firelizard, and found herself face to face with a real live murderer! (Though she only found out about that after the fact.) Not only that, she went to a dance - with a boy. At the age of fourteen turns, there was just one problem: She still had no idea what to do for a trade. Nearly all her friends were apprenticed already, and she… well, she just wasn't sure.

Yumeth rose again, and this time, Soriana was asked to stand for the clutch. She accepted eagerly, but things turned out to be anything but simple. An anonymous gift of a firelizard egg brought her a gold, that boy she danced with turned into an actual relationship, and then disaster struck. A heating malfunction on the hatching sands led to damaged eggs. Despite being carefully tended at the Dragonhealer's Annex, only two of the eggs survived to find their lifemates, but at the end of that candidacy, Soriana found herself, if dragonless, sure of what she was going to do. She was going to be a dragonhealer.

So she started studying, spending her time between practical lessons at the Annex and book-learning at the main school at Ierne Weyrhold by catching rides with the senior students and teachers who regularly traveled back and forth. Sometimes, she even got to go along with some of the senior dragonhealers on their visits to other Weyrs to check on particularly interesting patients and consult with the locals. After all, they needed somebody to hand them the forceps and rinse things in redwort.

Her studies continued - as did her relationship with that boy - until she was searched by Anoryn and Rysith for Sahazyth's clutch. Candidacy was a time of friendships and of learning to balance things against each other - her studies, her relationship with Kale, her candidate chores. She wasn't always as successful as she might have liked, but at last hatching day came. The wait was over! …and then Luraoth danced her way across the sands and found her, and Soriana discovered that candidacy had just been practice for balancing her life with that of a golden dragon.


Name Relation Age Location Position NPC
Terrin Grandfather +55T N/A (Deceased) Runner Yes
Soralyn Grandmother +47T Beastcraft Hall Senior Journeyman Yes
Telemar Uncle +52T High Reaches Hold Runner Yes
Telaria Aunt +58T N/A (Deceased) Housekeeper Yes
S'iad Father +25T Ierne Weyrhold Smithcraft Rider Yes
Sorrin Mother +30T Xanadu Weyr Junior Weyrwoman No
Ka'el Weyrmate +0T Xanadu Weyr Smithcraft Rider No
Skyler Son -21T Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat Yes
Kaesen Son -24T Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat Yes
Arialla Daughter -26T Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat Yes


Spirited Symphony of the Cosmos Gold Luraoth

Poetry in motion, this gold moves with a fluid vitality that cannot be made. One has to be born with it, this unique something, this je ne sais quois that defines the rest of one's life. Though diminutive for her color, she is long of limb with a lithe, lissome tail, slim wings gracefully tucked against her back when not in flight. This balance of her body allows her to sashay on warm vanilla paws, the color melting up carpals and wrists in a delicate, nigh-lacy brocade before splashing across her slender stomach. The rest of her body is characterized by brightness, a polished gold that can't help but glisten in the sun. A spirited amber whorls across her hide in an exquisite dance, begging lighter flecks of cream and chiffon to stand out like pinpricks of starlight in a golden sky. Aureolin shades delicately dust high cheeks and an aristocratic nose, lending a subtle familiarity to this otherwise refined creature. Nimble, dexterous wings are alternately marked by pale yellow tides and flickering flames, hints of an effervescent duality that may only be realized with time.


Drip-Drip-Drop, Little April Showers Brown Toral
Pudmuddled. That's a good way to describe this brown at first glance. Pudmuddled. Gooey bistre defines the majority of his hide, seemingly solid from afar, like so much silt congealed at the bottom of an undisturbed pool of rain water. Flickers of lighter beige and ecru shimmer in rippling patterns, lending him a certain sheen of wetness that makes him look permanently rainsoaked. It's okay, though - up close, he is absolutely beautiful, hide tattooed permanently with a bluish umber tone. It swirls, and drips, and marbles like so many miniscule henna'd drips and drops, marking him forever as a silver lining in what may otherwise be a dreary rainstorm.

Beribboned Beauty Gold Haruhi
Soft spring golds alight across the soft suede hide of this rather large golden firelizard. The soft gentle hues seem to shimmer with the faint colors of the rainbow that are sprinkled across the golden surface. Shimmering speckles of white-gold surround her head knobs in what could be described as a crown, while the same pale shade twines around neck like fine ribbons. Long and elegant, her sinuous tail is by far longer than is average, and complements her large wings as well. Both are covered with the same jeweled sparkles of color, though here wings are more amorphous due to their translucent coloring.


Name Type Appearance
Dusty Male Tunnelcat silvermitt.jpg
Joy Female Tunnelcat champagne.jpg
Rai (Oatmeal Raisin Cookie) Male Canine sheppup


Title OOC Date Cast
Homeward Bound? September 23, 2015 Ka'el, Soriana, Skyler, Kaesen, Arialla, Dougal
Double Trouble! September 30, 2015 Shanatea, Soriana, Tealonie
Once More (with Feelings) October 02, 2015 Gerazal, Kera, Soriana, Tealonie
Reasons to Celebrate October 11, 2015 C'rus, Ka'el, Kera, Soriana
Out, Around, Back October 13, 2015 Idrissa, Soriana
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