Sola is five foot nothing and that five feet seems to be mainly arms and legs. Her body is the type often described as "coltish" meaning she's got some secondary sexual characteristics, but not much more than the minimum. She is however, pretty by most standards, cute by even more. She has jet black hair that is generally left free flowing, falling to the middle of her back. Her eyes have a drastic slant towards the outer edge, while the inner is marked by pronounced epicanthic folds. Their color is a intense bright green that vibrates potently against her dark golden brown skin. Her nose is tiny and flat, her lips are large and plump and a light dusting of freckles can seen across her cheeks despite her golden skin color.

She is generally in a tunic that is left free flowing, heavily decorated with colorful stitching and beads made from shells, nuts, and nearly anything else she's managed to craft into her needlework. Shoes are rare, even when she's out in the woods, though she nearly always has a head wrap or hat of some sort keeping her hair somewhat controlled.


Sola is a Xanadu Weyrbrat. Her mother Sala was searched at the age of sixteen, three months pregnant from father uknown (Though Sala could have narrowed it down to about four possibles. Sala impressed Green dragon Mirith and gave birth at Xanadu. Her daughter Sola was tiny and she would eventually be fostered into a household with a healer foster-father (Devan) and a green rider mother (T'isa and Laranith). Sola is an explorer by nature, and found a natural role gathering from the forests around the weyr. When she was old enough she began to apprentice in the healer's hall, adding medicinal herbs, fruits, as well as insects to the things she kept an eye out for when she went gathering.


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Father Unknown Unknown
Sala Mother Xanadu Weyr
Keta Sister Xanadu Weyr
Batik Brother Xanadu Weyr
Torban Brother Xanadu Weyr
Nebria Foster Sister Xanadu Weyr
Piko Foster Brother Xanadu Weyr




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