Sohzen is, for all points and purposes, the human embodiment of an oriental shorthaired cat; his body is graceful and lithe, an incongruous blend of sharp curves and soft angles, neither rail-thin nor bulky, merely muscular enough to suffice (though, suffice for what is anyone's guess). He is long through the face, a sharp, lengthy nose cutting a harsh line between dark, hooded eyes and high, rounded cheekbones. Lips might err on the side of thinness over a relatively narrow jaw, but the effect that either might have is rendered moot by the presence of a thick, tidy beard.

Naturally, Sohzen's clothing perpetuates his overall image. Predominantly dark in color (and generally monochromatic even when not), his choice in shirts and jackets tend to err towards the side of being loose, comfortable, and easy to move in. Conversely, pants are usually close-fitted, never quite tight, but seldom left loose, either, dark pant legs tucked into worn black lace-up boots. Jewelry of varying colors and ilk dangle from his person, mostly favoring dark wooden beads and glints of silver or gunmetal grey. On rare occasion, pieces of wood or bone might even be woven into black, textured hair, which tumbles a surprisingly long way down his back when not bound back in a runnertail or an impressive manbun.


Sohzen doesn't talk about his past. He just doesn't, and those that try to pry are greeted with creationist stories that better belong to old terran heroes or gods delivered in deadpan sotto voce, each more fantastical than the last. According to some, in the early days of Pern, the earth shook, and the skies wept, and the tides rose, and all the world was chaos; when finally they quieted, fury abated, there he stood as you see him now, clothed in wind and flame. To others, he is the third brother to the moons that shine at night, whose mother, Pern, wept for missing him so much that she trapped him in the ocean, never to soar through the sky again. But so miserable was he, in his watery prison, that she consented to let him walk her shores as a human instead, and then they knew true peace.

Each story is more creative and outlandish than the last, and he keeps enough of them on his person at any one time to stave off even the most curious, and it's enough - just enough - to make one wonder just what he has to hide behind such a curtain of obstinance. It's dark, perhaps - dark enough to send a man from a life of vague affluence, judging by his manner of speech, to one of willing deckhand, dockworker, fisherman, hunter - anything large enough to scrape a living, and also small enough to let him fly under the radar, slip from one weyr to another without anyone to note his absence. It's unclear how long he's been on the run from this past life, but at least for the time being, he seems content to jump from ship to ship across the continents, with no permanent destination to speak of.


Title OOC Date Cast
Flying December 10, 2017 Fioreyla, Sohzen
Tugging On Death's Whiskers December 13, 2017 Sohzen, Fioreyla
These Wings Are Made To Fly December 14, 2017 Sohzen, Valerian, Fioreyla
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