Dragon Jysaiozetth
Wing Galaxy
Craft Beastcrafter
Specialty Hunting Canines
Age Mid-forties
Birth Place Monaco Bay Weyr


From the slight jut of her rounded chin to the spread stance of her feet, Siobhan's stature screams spunk even as she reaches her fourth decade. Where porcelaine-pale features once stated arrogance all on their own, with plush pink lips always curved and brows lofted high over a slightly upturned nose, there is now an additional layer of competency to back it up in the form of two long scars that trail from right cheekbone to jawline and further down her neck, exposing some attempt against her life that she managed to survive. Shoulder-length brown hair is struck through with slashes of steel and snow and errs on the side of curling, bound up only on occasion by a simple leather tie. The only part of her that really seems soft are the curves of her body, which she carries with the air of a woman that knows what they are and has decided she just doesn't have time or care for what they might bring her anymore.

This is often emphasized in her choice of clothing. Siobhan often opts for loose, comfortable tunics that she can move and work in. Her pants are made of a tougher material that clings closer to her legs than she is sometimes comfortable with, but they tuck neatly into dark wherhide boots and easily bear the weight of her pouch-laden belt. It is easy to tell when she's been at her craft, usual shirts or tunics dressed up by a vest of a heavy, decorated fabric, and her left wrist is bound by a tough cuff of leather to protect her arm from sharp claws. It's easier still to tell when she has been at work with her dragon, casual attire shed for formal black leathers trimmed in dark greys and golds.


Siobhan's history started out like many others, a simple life lived with Beastcrafter parents on the outskirts of Monaco Bay Weyr. Sio thought it inevitable that she'd end up adopting her parent's profession from a young age; they were always taking her out on their jobs instead of leaving her with the nannies, giving her a blanket and a set of wooden toys to entertain her while her father tended the weyr's flock of caprines, or her mother teaching her to speak while training raptor birds to be sold to nearby cotholds and the larger holds for hunting. As she aged, Siobhan began to pick up the basic commands for each task, and at the ripe old age of six could be found giggling and bouncing up and down in a field misdirecting her father's dogs so that the caprines ran willy-nilly across the field (something her father appreciated very little).

In typical fashion, Sio ignored all protests and hints to try different crafts in order to raise canines, so that she could command them to herd like her father's dogs or hunt like her mother's birds. It was tough going at first, especially because she was given no leeway as an apprentice when it was her training /and/ her family's professions on the line, but the more Sio fell into the pattern of living with the dogs and learning their capabilities, the more she settled into herself and her craft. At a young age, she moved to the Beastcraft Hall to further her studies, and after that, transferred to Fort Weyr under the tutelage of her favorite master crafter. Though her work continued, the change did not last long - mere months into her stay at the weyr, she was searched by bluerider B'ky and swept off into the ranks of candidacy, where she wound up impressing Courage in Spirit Blue Jysaiozetth.

Life took its turns after that; shortly out of weyrlinghood, she became swept up in a flight at Igen Weyr, where she decided to stay and carry out pregnancy while training several of the weyr's hunting hounds. Upon delivery and a lack of communication with the child's father, she surrendered the baby and shifted her allegiance from crafting to dragonriding, and with it going her dedication to the rider that searched her several turns previous. She transferred to Ista Weyr to serve as assistant weyrlingmaster under B'ky for some time, her bright and spunky attitude dwindled and shaped into something tolerable by Jysaiozetth's eternal gentleness and her fellow bluerider's patience. Together they witnessed several generations of dragonriders come and go with a sense of pride and enjoyment, and Siobhan eventually managed to scrape together a family of her own. Everything was fine until the Fire Nation attacked. No, not really, but it was with a similar amount of drama that Siobhan's life slowly cracked apart. Some time in her late twenties, her father passed away suddenly from a heart attack and, mere months later, her wherhandling weyrmate's life was claimed while working a quake-related cave-in. Made reckless by grief, Siobhan abandoned Ista, returning to her craft and to Monaco to live and work with her mother through the woman's remaining time.

Even that didn't last - two turns after her mother's passing found her selling flocks and dogs both, keeping only her favorite canine as she transferred north to High Reaches to take up residence there. She found some small solace in riding Search and Rescue for the weyr, in finally being able to put Jysaiozetth's mind and body to use as much as her own, and for a time they were content, a sentiment Siobhan should have known better than to trust. Out on her own on a hunting excursion, the woman was attacked by a feline, driven to desperacy by either disease or a frustratingly bitter winter. Trapped in the trees, Jysaiozetth could not reach Siobhan, but not for lack of trying - he tore great patches of the forest, and his own wingsails, apart trying to save her, and in the end succeeded, if only just. Jys drug them both back to the weyr in critical condition, though the blue's wounds were far too advanced for treatment within the weyr. The second Siobhan was stable enough, they were both transported to Ierne for recovery treatment, where they remained for several turns. It is only recently that the bluerider and her dragon have reemerged into weyr society with a move to Xanadu and a return to riding search and rescue while her vision still remains intact.


Name Relation Location Position
Belasio Father Deceased Journeyman Beastcrafter
Thaintia Mother Deceased Journeyman Beastcrafter
Rhevon Weyrmate Deceased Wherhandler
??? Daughter Igen Weyr ???
Lisdania Cousin Fort Weyr Seamstress
Dolman Cousin Fort Weyr Stablehand
Madana Cousin Harper Hall Journeyman Harper
Madalyna Cousin Fort Weyr Apprentice Healer


Courage in Spirit Blue Jysaiozetth
Stormy skies never dreamt a blue so deep and dark, whose noble lines are toned by muscle, the slightest of movements sending ripples along clouded flanks. Echoes of the inky abyss haunt the shadowed realms beneath his wings, enormous membranes of windswept midnight hue, dotted by tiny, barely glimpsed specks of light, like stars blown across his back and shoulders to flash and shimmer and disappear, motes of brightness swallowed in the impenetrable darkness of his hide. Large for his color, and built more solidly than most, this dragon nevertheless carries himself with a sense of grace, a sort of quiet dignity present in every twitch or subtle shift, seeming fluid, as if almost deliberate. Neither clumsy bulk nor clunky angles mar his form, this fellow clearly cut from a somewhat sleeker mold. Like a carefully coiled spring, there's waiting potential in the strength evident from the smallest black-taloned toe to the sweeping length of his tail. The regal curve of his neck is touched below by the faintest tint of charcoal upon the blue, washed down along his chest and belly, and up across the underside of his jaw. There's even a hint of it brushed over pronounced headknobs and eye ridges, the latter set close above faceted orbs.

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