Silion is of a slender build, wrapped in enough muscle to be labeled defined. Black hair falls in layered tufts to his shoulders, framing a porcelain face marred only by the occasional freckle. Green eyes are accented by thick lashes, centering a petite button nose upon high cheekbones and above full lips.

Dark brown hugs tight to Sil's hips, tucking away into a pair of black boots that cling to his shins. Short sleeved cream hangs loosely from his shoulders, dipping into a small V a his chest that is kept together by a thick cord of deep brown.


Silion was born to Sianne and O'lief on the premises of a story he was never curious enough to know. Upon coming into the world, O'lief made a deal with Sil's mother that allowed him and his weyrmate, Hil, to keep the infant a majority of the time while still allowing him to spend days and nights with his Mommy-dearest. Because of the duties that kept both of his fathers alarmingly busy (and the call to Weyrleader at Eastern that kept Hil absent for a while due to O'lief's stubbornness), Silion often found himself at the mercy of his older sister.

Over the course of turns, siblings began to pile up, and Sil found his preference residing in the (slightly) more quiet sanctuary of wherever his fathers decided upon staying. The two dragonriders always did their best to provide as happy and as loving a home as they could, and it bred a unique trait in the youngin' that one can only deem as compassion. Turns and turns have since passed, and in an attempt to get away from the busy bustle of weyr life, Sil found himself and his family again uprooted first from Fort, to Eastern, and now to a much less demanding place. This is the reasoning for his current lodgings at Ierne with Olarya, Hil, O'lief, and on occasion, the twins.


Name Relation Location Position
O'lief Father cell-content Greenrider
Sianne Mother Igen Weyr Ret. Goldrider
Y'ki Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
Olarya Sister Xanadu Weyr Resident
Odari Brother Xanadu Weyr Resident
Siarief Sister Ista Weyr Resident

…and many, many more!




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