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Full Name:

Dark Brown
179 lbs.

Birth Place:

21 Turns
Grade Three
Ista Hold



Sigam is a strange character to have to define. He walks the fine line between intense and nondescript, with a solid lean-bodied stance that is normal in a weyr, but still sets him up as a force to be reckoned with. Straight lips, firm shoulders, and curled hands indicate a high level of seriousness and skepticism, yet his face seems relaxed, as if he's a person that knows exactly who and what they are in this world. His eyes are a captivating brown, almost mundane in color, but they burn a fiery mahogany in direct sunlight. A short crop of dark brown hair is reflected in the stubbly scraggle of a beard that occasionally lines his angular face.

Sigam isn't one for pomp and circumstance, but he somehow manages to keep his clothing in good condition despite his profession. Some say he heats a flat stone and presses his clothes every night, but Sigam will constantly downplay such an act of vanity. Never the less, his dark slate blue shirt and black pants hang neatly from his frame, the latter being tucked into a pair of black runner-riding boots. Around his right wrist is usually bound a black wherhide band, and on his left shoulder is a Dragonhealer's badge.

Sigam also currently sports the Ista Candidate knot, orange and black being woven through with white.


Sigam is the love child of a brief affair between an Istan holder and a Journeyman Healer, Isica and Gamen respectively. Raised in Ista by Isica and her Seacraft husband Emhall, Sigam lived his adolescent life believing he was destined to inherit his family's small boat - the "Quinto" - and follow in his father's footsteps on the great hunk of volcano that Ista Hold was built on. It was not a fate Sigam was looking forwards to, but he was a valuable member on the ship, with steady hands and a mind that adapted quickly to probable situations. With the next sibling in line, Hallac, being only seven, it was logical for Sigam to take on his father's lifestyle.

Yet, on his fifteenth turnday, his mother sat their family down for a talk and broke the news of her relations with Gamen. Judging by Emhall's reactions, the man already knew, but Sigam himself was floored. His mother - his saintly, ne'er-do-wrong mother - had birthed him as an illicit bastard? And that was only the tip of an iceberg's-worth of issues! Yet, after much explanation and discussion, and a few weeks to mull things over, Sigam began to view this in a new light; the situation gave him an understanding where his rationality and overall seriousness came from in a family of high-strung, high-energy workers. With his parent's good graces (and a promise from Emhall that he wouldn't kick the bucket before Hallac was ready to take over the "Quinto"), Sigam decided that an exploration in the Healing craft was in order.

He excelled quickly. Though not a star pupil nor first in his class by any means, Sigam surprised himself and his teachers as he advanced, and eventually discovered a passion for tending dragons, as opposed to humans. After concentrated studies at Ierne, and living through more practical lessons than the boy could count, he attained his Grade Three certification and received his Dragonhealer's badge. He continued to work with the weyrhold out of sheer habit, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he had always been curious about the Annex that played counterpart to Ierne's at Xanadu. Upon researching, he discovered that the Annex's main purpose was the study of fertility (or lack of such) in dragons. Intrigued, and more than willing to expand his education through the Annex, he requested and was granted a transfer to Xanadu.


Name Relation Location Position
Gamen Father Ista Weyr Journeyman Healer
Isica Mother Ista Hold Seamstress
Emhall Surrogate Father Ista Hold Journeyman Seacrafter
Nimen Half-brother Ista Weyr Healer
Hallac Half-brother Ista Hold Messenger
Cai Half-sister Ista Hold Apprentice Baker
Esiae Half-sister Ista Hold Hold Brat


  • Sigam's Healer/Dragonhealer apprenticeship went similarly along the lines of many Terran college student's, including the distinct interest in booze, girls, things he was dared not to do, and anything he could get away with, so long as he didn't get caught. The experience not only earned him the nicknames Gambit and Jellybones (or just Bones), but also resulted in a tattoo. Yes, a tattoo. Using concentrated dyes and many collected needlethorns, he and his closest friends marked their right shoulder blades with small draconic tattoos. Sigam will never discuss or draw attention to his extracurricular activities - as far as he's concerned, the whole ordeal never happened. ;)
  • Though Sigam derived a lot of his demeanor from his real father, Emhall is responsible for his sense of humor. It is a mix of dry and explosive, often coming out unexpectedly and viciously. Bewaaare!
  • Sigam will go out of his way to help someone/-thing that's injured, but the second it dies, it's considered fair game as far as poking and prodding goes. In all reality, Sig should have been an autopsy specialist, but he'd never realize it unless someone would point it out.
  • Sigam find the tension between Ista and Xanadu to be absolutely hilarious and nonsensical at the same time. Unless some serious stuff goes down, involving his family in particular, he couldn't care less about the political issues between the two weyrs.
  • Sigam finds runners to be incredibly fascinating, but has never gotten the chance to actually ride one.



Cloak of Mist Blue Calelir
A handsome balance of dark shades and light, Calelir is rather adorable. The bulk of his body is an austere shade of midnight, which deepens along his belly and pales a little along a rounded back and neck. However, a misty veil of silvered moonlight drifts along each long leg, brushing just faintly along his body in certain lights, before returning full-force across short, broad wingsails. The same shade of pale moonlight whispers across prominent 'ridges, which are deep in base-color, but almost entirely overtaken by the mist in certain lights. His deep-shaded body is gawky and awkward, compact but long-legged, long-tailed and short-necked. Still, he handles his form well, almost seeming to slink, unconsciously sticking to areas in which he can easily become merely a part of the scenery; one could almost think he doesn't want to be seen. Still, his contrasting hide is easy on the eyes.

Trying Triquetral Brown Koenig
Wonky. Yes. There is something decidedly wonky about Koenig. Examples? Well, his neck and tail meet his body at oddly sharp angles for one, as if someone draped his pliable body over a staircase and let him harden into that position. Don't ask me how, but it seems to make him more quirky and adorable rather than disfigured, and it doesn't diminish the beauty of his hide. Ko's skin might at first seem mottled, but on closer inspection, it is actually covered with millions of tiny facets, each a slightly different shade of brown. In direct sunlight, he glitters brighter than the most dutiful bronze, occasionally developing a soft halo of refracted light. His eyes are doe-ishly big, borderline soulful, and… is that a pout? Probably.

Feel All Orange Inside Gold Saoirse
Swathed in sweetness, bright unmetallic orange molds itself into every pore of this little queen. Her small and compact in body clashes with long ungraceful legs and a sweeping tail that ends in a double kink; a regally arched neck proves her true nature, with a bursting aura of sunshine that starts from a point at the top of her head and stretches over a thin face, sweeping eyeridges, and delicate features that betray the rest of her clumsy disproportional form. Overly large wings stretch, equally as orange-y with some stray traces of lighter bubbles caught in the sails, dancing throughout the thin membrane.

You Are a Friend of Mine Bronze Octane
An odd golden bronze hue dances over this firelizard's body, smooth and even as it consumes his tail, his limbs, his belly and back. Even his wings are unable to break free, as the golden-orange hues of bronze soak his sails as they stretch from spar to spar. His long neck and extended muzzle are a purer bronze, though a tinge of green slips into the bronze over his headknobs, a lime garnish.


Canine Sabhrilline (Sab)
Desc coming soon!

Image created by Riyontali - thank you, love!


Atop the Sovereign's Summit Bronze Hatchling
Gloom and glory vie for dominance over this arrogant, angular beast: his hide rolls forth with the darkness of antiqued copper, left to spot with dank feldspar and glints of mica gone pale and dark in turn. Striking glints of fresh-penny copper outline the rakish structure of patronizing face, vainglorious headknobs swept back and crowned with blood-orange brilliance. The same scintillating colors twist and twine over the intrepid danger of long neckridges and unfurled wings as sharply-angled as the rest of him, dark lichen-spotted monuments to the skies, spattered through with metallic shine in an unusual spiderweb of vivid conceit. Short-coupled, short-tempered, the languid contempt this dragon shows the world is only balanced by the confidence of the autocratic: a dragon to rule all within his purview.


"Remove an article of someone else's clothes." He pauses, either for dramatic effect or to think he let her off 'easy'. "With your teeth."
— To F'yr, while playing Truth or Dare
"I'm going to get some booze! And I'm a rainbow!"
— To Keziah, while running nude and tye-dyed across the beach



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  • Zachary Quinto for the image and the name of Emhall's boat. ;)
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