A slender figure of around 5'7", Siaryn is not a young woman with the beauty to catch stares and turn heads. Her oval-shaped face with its dimpled cheeks and earnest brown eyes lends her a touch of innocence and sweetness helped along by its curves, the more solid, stocky lines of her features robbing her of any more delicate female charm. A slim nose matches thin lips and finely-defined brows, her hair almost the same dark shade as her eyes, its strands tumbling messily to just beneath her shoulder blades.


Her usual attire is put together more for comfort than style, the day's work in mind and not the latest fashion. Day-to-day, she can be found in light dresses of earthy tones, held in at the waist by a wide belt, skirts falling in even layers to her ankles. Well worn-in and soft slippers cover her feet, though are often replaced by boots, depending on the task at hand.


A daughter of Harpers and born at the Hall, Siaryn was expected and encouraged to follow in her parents' footsteps… and she did… until she began to put the thinking skills instilled in her to a use other than music and etiquette and questioned if what she wanted and what she had been told she wanted were the same thing.

Versed in music and dance from a young age, it was expected that Siaryn would officially apprentice when she was of age and later develop those skills as her specialism. Her voice was strong, and, though she was never going to be a sweet soprano and hit all those high notes, her understanding of music and rhythm was sound, as were her skills in dance, which she genuinely seemed to love. The teaching and traditional ballads were her strengths, which surprised her parents, who appeared to have expected a mind with a talent for law, as theirs, but a Harper was a Harper, whatever their focus. Siaryn's skills in other areas were passable, her weakest being those elements of the law that her parents so prided themselves on, her poker-face appalling and her ability to appear impartial lacklustre at best.

Still, it was expected that she would walk the tables and leave the Harper Hall and her parents behind once she had earned her rank and relative freedom to go out into the world. However, Siaryn had other ideas about what 'freedom' truly was. Before she could attempt to prove herself deserving of a Journeyman's knot, she left the craft, with no explanation as to why. Some suspected that she believed she would fail and was quitting before she had to face it, others put to down to a 'childish' phase.

Her instructors were willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. For a while. Siaryn was given the option to return and rejoin the craft in a turn, provided she was willing to extend her apprenticeship by the turn she had missed and a turn more, plus prove herself still capable upon her return. The terms were put about the Hall as often as possible in the days before her departure, perhaps in an effort to make her stay, yet still she left, with a letter of recommendation from her Journeyman. But what does a former (failed?) Harper apprentice do?

After obtaining a job as Ista Weyr, assisting in teaching the children, she was asked by bronzerider S'u to stand for Eulweth's clutch. Following candidacy, where she gained three firelizard friends, she was found on the Sands by green Vaniveth and became a weyrling, much to the consternation of her mother, though her younger sisters were thrilled, if a little shocked to see Siaryn hauled so thoroughly into another world in so short a time.

After finishing weyrlinghood, it was only a few turns after being tapped to join Ista's transport and delivery wing that Siaryn made the move to Xanadu and joined Comet wing to continue a career in transport.


Name Relation Location Position
Tiaret Mother (S+23 ) Harper Hall Journeyman Harper (Law)
Siyero Father (S+25) Harper Hall Journeyman Harper (Law)
Iyari Sister (S-2) Harper Hall Nanny
Rae Sister (S-4) Harper Hall Apprentice Harper


Risen From The Ashes Gold Aurora
Molten liquid pools, vibrant orange licking upwards, engulfing the sinuous body of this gold from her beak-like, narrow muzzle to the flattened end of her long tail. Red-gold laps at her belly, tickling the insides of her long limbs, while charcoal talons cast dark shadows of their own. Amber flames flow over her large wingsails, darker hues clinging to the kindling of her spars, while the warmth jumps between them, living fire upon her form.
Egg & Hatchling Credit: Cenlia and Angharad
Burning Mountain Bronze Delphi
The dark grittiness of volcanic ash speckles the hide of this bold bronze firelizard, attempting to temper fiery hide and personality lest each burn the other out too soon. Everything about him seems elongated, stretched, from his overlong face to his thin trickle of a tail. His feet are dark and muddied, though none should ever doubt the sharpness of those obsidian talons. As molten bronze sweeps upwards from his earthy legs, it brightens, shading first through red tones over his lean and powerful chest, all the way to bright orange as it sweeps up his wingspars. Even the wingsails themselves are caught up in this visual onslaught - burning through orange, beyond yellow, to a burning whiteness that fades once again to black along the trailing edge.
Egg & Hatchling Credit: Cenlia and Aliona
Fated End Blue Zircon
As if carved from ice, delicate and fragile, this gigantic ice blue firelizard is ready to take over the world. A giant in every way, he stands with his monstrous head held high, the trails of white that swirl like snow across his forehead and down his neck giving him a shaggy look that only manages to enhance the ferocity of his imperfectly carved face. Shadowy hints of navy line his shoulders, a colour echoed in the crack like lines that criss-cross his legs, stopped only when they reach his talons. Snowflakes of white swirl their way along his tail, cresting each of the ridges along his back but claiming his wings as their own in an all-encompassing storm of colour.
Egg & Hatchling Credit: P'rel and Aliona


Create Your Own Fairytale Green Vaniveth
The vibrant hue of new leaves in spring suffuses this dragon's hide with perpetual brightness, subtly mottled undertones of bottle green giving her a sun-dappled look. A certain delicacy of bone structure lends a refined elegance to her appearance despite her size, notable especially in the fine features of her head, with a narrow muzzle and gently curved jaw. Sweeping eyeridges are highlighted in chartreuse, enhancing the shadows that pool about her faceted eyes and creating the illusion of an exotic slant. Headknobs and spinal ridges are also touched with the bold shade, slowly fading as the tips of her forked tail are reached. Off-setting her deceptively fragile foundation, her muscles are well developed, creating a sturdy curvaceousness throughout her body, particularly in the width of chest and shoulders, and in the breadth of her hindquarters. Her small feet are oddly elegant, long toes tipped with short, dark talons. The brilliance of polished peridot spreads across her wingsails, framed within bottle green 'spars and lightening into a dusting of jonquil speckles along their trailing edges, thickest near the outer tips.


I Wish - Diana DeGarmo
Well, I'm not in a tower
And I'm not locked away,
And no magic spell could force me to stay.
I'm still keeping hope that she'll come around
And she'll understand I need out of this town.

And so I'll close my eyes and shut them real tight
And I'll make a wish with all of my might.
I wish one day she'll see this is part of the plan,
Just the start of the dream;
A dream I've always had.

And no dragons and no warlocks and no wizards and no spells
Could keep me from writing the stories
That my heart, for seventeen years, has been waiting to tell.


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