Played by Theo James
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Craft Beastcraft
Rank Journeyman
Specialty Runners (training)


Shiloh is tall at six feet even, broad shouldered and well-built. While he leans toward 'lanky' over 'beefy', there are enough muscles to suggest that he does something manual for a living. That, coupled with the bronzy-tan of his skin, may suggest he spends a lot of time outdoors. His face is classically masculine, square-shaped with a strong jaw and 'brooding' slant to his brows. His eyes are a warm brown, nearly the same color of his hair, which is usually kept short and tidy and tends to curl at the ends when too long. Despite his age there's a 'weathered' look about him, and even the beginnings of crows feet from spending far too many hours squinting in the sun.

Shiloh favors function over form with his clothing. He tends to wear heavier fabrics that will weather well, most often in neutral or earthy tones; definitely nothing flashy or bright. He almost exclusively wears boots, and when he remembers it, a wide-brimmed (cowboy) hat.


Auntie 1: Didja hear about Shiloh?

Auntie 2: S'that the one with the ears and the chickens?

Auntie 1: Nah, that's Deke! Shiloh's the big one with the runners.

Auntie 2: Oh, Shawn's boy! Whatta'bout him?

Auntie 1: Got himself posted at Xanadu Weyr of all places. Poor soul. Not sure whatta runner-trainer's gonna do in a dragon-Weyr.

Auntie 2: Well, they got runners there that need training I suppose. Or at least feedin' and carin'. But I woulda thought his daddy'd want him back home and helping at the Hold.

Auntie 1: Maybe so, but his mama'd never let that happen. You know how she is about her babies, always wantin' 'em to be happy and pursue their dreams.

Auntie 2: Still, can't be easy on ol' Shawn, what with four girls and only the one son. But I guess Mae's daughter's ain't nothing to sneer at. Tougher'n most of the boys back home I 'spect.

Auntie 1: Oh please, them girls? They're pro'bly runnin' the place by now. Can wrangle a steer just as easy as they can bake a pie. Maybe Shiloh's better off on his own. -cackles-

Auntie 2: Suppose that's right. Let 'im stretch his legs and grow a bit. It came at a good time, too. What with the break up an' all.

Auntie 1: Oh no, didn't you hear? The break up was cause he got the posting! Didn't wanna do that long distance thing.

Auntie 2: What? No! I shoulda known it. That Shiloh. Always pegged him for a heartbreaker. It's the quiet ones, you know?

Auntie 1: Nah, nah, it's Shiloh that got dumped! Poor thing. Heard he was all broken up 'bout it. Not that you can tell with that one.

Auntie 2: Spends more time in th' barn than the bar, that's for sure. Well. Maybe the move'll be good for 'im anyway. A fresh start. Weyr's a big place an' with Xanadu down south? Doubt anyone'll know him.

Auntie 1: True, true. Say, did you hear about Master Stein?

Auntie 2: That the one with the…


Name Relation Location Notes
Milo Maternal Grand father deceased Shiloh is named after him
Shawn Father Cothold in Telgar Rancher
Mae Mother Cothold in Telgar Rancher's wife
unnamed Sister Cothold in Telgar Rancher's daughter
unnamed Sister Cothold in Telgar Rancher's daughter
unnamed Sister Cothold in Telgar Rancher's daughter
unnamed Sister Cothold in Telgar Rancher's daughter


Nope Rope for a Cowpoke Brown Nope
Garter your heart! This brown pain in the asp is likely to steal it with his cute snoot. Snub-nosed, his head is all rounded edges that compliment his sinuous noodle neck. Wheat marries mud in the mesmerizing make-up of his dominant coloring. Don't get hissterical when this natural camouflage lets him vanish into his surroundings without so much as a fangs for the memories, Shiloh~ The rustle of his striking wings will always give this viperactive 'lizard hidey hole away in short order. This judgmental bootlace can fit in the tightest nooks and crannies, being slender to an extreme. His frame is elongated from nose to coiling tail's tip, lacking in any significant girth to make him look any less the part of an adorable danger noodle. Adder to that that as long as no one hisses him off, 's-naked charm might crush any resistance to suffocating squeezing snuggles. The glide of his exceptionally soft and smooth hide —in their bedroll- is a sensuous delight, but a lack of care will come back to bite him in the form of itching hide that peels like shedding skin. Though love for this firelizard might sting like an arrow shot from a boa, there's no hurt juice working its way to one's heart from tiny sharp teeth or itty bitty claws that might once have rattled one's confidence. There is serpently no reason to doubt that the harmony of his interlocking blooms of brown, light and dark, couldn't charm even the most cold blooded, or inexperienced lifepardner. Viper that smirk off your face, Shiloh, he's all yours~




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