A rather petite young woman, with long, curly, black hair, cascading down over her shoulders and framing her round face with it's perpetual smile. Deep blue eyes sparkle with humor and intelligence. Her skin is pale, almost creamy in color.

Currently, she wears a long, green gown, which comes down to just above her ankles. The dress has gold embroidered trim at the sleeves and neckline, and is tight enough to set off her womanly figure. On her shoulder are two knots, one indicating her position as a wingrider at Xanadu for Galaxy wing, the other that of an Journeyman in the Healercraft. Both have a thread of green shot through them to match her lifemate.


Shellie was born at a small cothold on the northern continent, not far from Telgar Hold. Her parents were loving, and cared greatly for her, making sure that she never wanted for anything. She had a pleasant, idyllic life. Up until the Plague of Dark Dreams.

Shellie's parents were among the first victims at Telgar, and Shellie herself contracted the plague. She doesn't remember much about the disease, nor does she want to. All she knows is that when she woke up, her beloved parents had died, leaving her alone.

Shellie couldn't stay in the cothold after her parent's death, because of the memories. So, one day, she left, never to return. Instead, she wandered Pern, until she at last ended up at Western Weyr.

At Western, Shellie's life changed when she was searched, and impressed Green Rieselth. However, difficulties with the leadership of the weyr led to her requesting, and recieving, a transfer immediately upon graduation from her Weyrlinghood. She spent a year or so as an independent rider, before settling down at Xanadu. A brief encounter with another rider saw her become pregnant with a little girl, who would be named Caellie. However. it was another rider, T'maz, who she bonded with, and has become sort of the weyrmate to, although their relationship is more open even than most riders.


Name Relation Location Position
T'maz Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider to Brown Dementh
Mareena Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Nanny (NPC)
Caelie Daughter Lemos Hold Woodcraft Journeyman (NPC)
Zallie Daughter Xanadu Weyr Greenrider (NPC)
Taelli Daughter Xanadu Weyr Computercraft Apprentice (NPC)
Zeria Daughter Xanadu Weyr Kidlet (NPC, Adoptable)
Zareena Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weavercraft Apprentice
Zomana Daughter Xanadu Weyr Kidlet (NPC, Adoptable)


Brown Sunrise

Night Flight Blue Midnight
Deepest, darkest night is personified in this fella. His hide is so dark a blue that as to be nearly black in certain lights. Sleek angles and sharp planes form his body, there is not a spare ounce of fat on him. Even his wings have a radical looking cut to them, they open, revealing sails that are streamlined and trim. He gives the appearance of flight though he sits still. Midnight talons tip his paws.


Fruit of the Vine Green Rieselth
As the gentle filter of summer sunlight renders fruit and vine almost luminous, so the hide of this small dragon captures the brightness of that luscious growth. The pale, yeast-dusted green of firm white grapes contours her softly rounded body and defines well-muscled limbs in dew kissed highlights. Her sculptured head, with its dainty smoothly curving muzzle, is held at a jaunty angle upon a tapering neck, whose ridges stand in a neatly ordered row. Below delicate headknobs, her liquid eyes are as bright and clear as a fine vintage wine. Her movements are fluid, creating an illusionary whisper of wind that disturbs the growing vines amid the myriad of vernal greens entwined about her legs and haunches. Soft muscled shoulders easily support the supple expanse of her wings. When extended her wingsails form a verdant canopy of foliage. They glisten a lush summer green when seen from above, yet from below offering a paler version through the translucent membrane when the sky lends its light. While grey-brown talons root her to the land, her tail is long and mobile, sometimes held straight but more often enticingly curled.
About Rieselth's shoulders rest a set of simple, but high quality straps. They're dyed a simple brown, they manage to mostly disappear into the green's lovely hide, being functional, yet unobtrusive.


Title OOC Date Cast
My Little Pony (Candidate Project) February 01, 2013 Esiae, Zahleizjah, Natalya, Enid, Deslia, Shellie (npc), Seriel (npc)
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