Sex Male
Position StarCraft Journeyman
Craft StarCraft
Rank Journeyman
Speciality Storms
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Grew up in… Tillek Hold
Apprenticed in… Landing
Home Posted to Xanadu Weyr
Playby Aaron Taylor-Johnson


Dark curls sit wildly atop his head, seemingly incapable of being tamed. Their coppery brunette shade complements his just-bronzed complexion and the stormy hues of his blue eyes. His features are refined, with a slender nose, high cheekbones and sharply-slanted jaw, with cupid's bow lips. Shay stands 6'3 in height, with a slender physique that's lightly muscled.
His clothing is simple; he wears a loose waistcoat over a light shirt and trousers, with practical work boots. He wears a watch on his left wrist.


Born into the Starcraft with both of his parents Masters in their own subcraft - his father specialised in Observation, his mother in Weather - it was no surprise that Shay would follow in their footsteps once he was old enough to apprentice. He was born at Igen Weyr, but his parents moved shortly afterwards so his uneventful early years were spent at Tillek Hold, where his family was posted for their studies. At age 12, he started his apprenticeship in Landing. By 15 he'd advanced to Senior Apprentice level; by 20 he was promoted to Journeyman, specialising in Weather. After a turn of further studies in Landing, he was posted to Eastern Weyr to study the area's meteorological happenings; he spent a short while there before being reposted to Xanadu, to use the Observatory's facilities.


Name Relation Position Age
Ayshala Mother StarCraft Master 48
Darwish Father StarCraft Master 50


Bronze Nimbus

Brown Arcus

Blue Stratus

Green Cirrus


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