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Standing at a stern 5 feet, 11 inches, Sharix has a firm build, the result of turns spent upon the sea. Close cropped hair, cut to eliminate distraction and possible obstruction, frames a hard face and set jaw. Sun-bleached, dirty blonde hair is shadowed by the dark brown underneath, though its hardly noticeable. Crystal blue eyes seem almost sunken in her face, a look made more prominent by the dark brows across her forehead, and the freckle-free nose that is easily noticeable. Though at first glance, she may appear male, her gender is betrayed by the gentle curves of her body, subtle as they are.

She is wearing fairly simple clothing - long, tanned wherhide pants kept in place by a leather belt, and a loose shirt. The white, long sleeved garment is beneath a dark blue and violet buttoned vest, the sleeves of the shirt rolled up in warmer weather.


Born and raised at Half Moon Bay, Sharix is no stranger to the sea or the boats that fare on it. The daughter to a fisherman and a net-maker, she's always had a connection to boats and the life of a fisherman. From the moment she could walk and take care of herself, she's found herself doing anything and everything she could on the fishing boats that would dock at Half Moon.

Finally, when she turned the age of 15 turns, her parents allowed her to finally brave the open water and Sharix met the challenge head on. For turns she would go from ship to ship, sailing all around Pern, learning as much as she could from the various crews that she met. Eventually, when she was 19, she found herself back at Half Moon Bay a changed person. She left as a girl and returned a woman who had come to understand herself and the world around her. Using the money she made during her travels, she bought a decent sized boat and began to do her own fishing.

Recently, Sharix was searched for Western Weyr and was taken away from the safe haven of her boat. Living in Western Weyr, she spends most of her time doing chores and conversing with other candidates. She stills stays in contact with the dock-workers, to ensure that her boat is in good condition, but it'll be a while before she'll be able to get back to it.


Name Relation Location Position
Shara Mother Half Moon Bay Fisherman
Drixen Father Half Moon Bay Net-maker
Derea Sister Half Moon Bay Resident
Six Brother Half Moon Bay Resident


3636717907_7db9fa8865_m.jpg Living Forever Gold Quisits
Dull gold falls gracefully over this firelizard's body, a dusky blonde that curls around torso and limbs, gingerly brushing her underside. Wings are dusted with slightly brighter highlights, spars more vibrant than the sails between them. Her neck is long and evenly hued, a pretty face curved just right around the nostrils, faceted eyes set just so. Ridges are darker, a burnt gold, as they slide down her near perfect form.
Falls Off the Bone Blue Esper
This firelizard has a distinct sag to him, like one touch could cause him to fall to pieces. His hide hangs loose on his form, and when he moves its with the look of still slightly-wet jelly, a fluid but ungainly stride. In the air hes far more graceful, thankfully, though his wings are a bit too big for the rest of him and a bit chunky, like his thighs are. Overall, his color is a basic navy blue with hints of golden brown along his edges as though he were just starting to cook, though his wing sails appear to have been too long exposed and are a darker brownish-blue in shade.
3637571058_bd0c73cc2a_m.jpg Flawless Wonder Green Viera
A transparent lump of mint green has been transformed into this delicate but large lady. This single clear shade is only interrupted by highlights of the purest, brightest of golds. This vibrant color transforms her wings into a pair of fragile golden sheets with the barest mint highlights over the minuscule veins which flow through the thin membrane.


Singing to Dawn's Light Gold Merkabath
Dawn's first light has been captured in the fine, smooth, curves of her regal shaped head. Pale golden hues sweep up and over eyeridges and head knobs, shaded by honeyed gold that only seems to accentuate the kind and gentle looking facial features that she bares. She holds her head high and proud, the strong curve of her neck a dazzling array of faint burnished amber that curls and tumbles from the back of her head, down along golden ridges and to the milky pale gold of her throat and chest. Only along the sides of her slim and narrow frame do the golds begin to regain their vivid and bold nature. Like the rays of a rising sun, they stretch out in wispy fingers along the curves of shoulders and long, graceful limbs, across powerful haunches and up the middle of her ridged back. Wings hold true to the same pale golds of an early dawn light along the arms and fingers, although the sails are a marvel among themselves - a mingling of pure gold, yellowish gold and burnished amber, along with the faintest touch of pinks and oranges peeking through should the right light strike the translucent sails. As a final touch, her long tail is dipped in a darker gold which gradually melds itself into the other golden shades.


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