This teenager has more mileage on his features than most others of his age. Long strands of straight red hair flow freely from the boy's temples. The hair is tied back into a loose knot at his shoulders; a length of hair about a foot long extends from the knot with two crow feathers. Two or three small groups of hair seem to have escaped the male's cultivation and hang loosely about the man's face.

His visage is weather-worn for one so young. Creases and crow's feet are almost impossible to hide on the man's face. With his tanned complexion, the skin seems to almost draw in light, rather than reflect it. A strong jaw is already set on the man's face, defining his cheeks against a peaked nose. A heavy brow covers blue eyes under long eyebrows that follow the definition of his eye sockets, tapering off as the curve begins.

A powerful neck extends down to muscled shoulders. The sinew beneath this man's skin is visible, even through the tanned surface of his flesh. Along the man's arms, various veins and muscle definitions are obvious, but some parts along the forearm are concealed under rust-coloured hair. Well worked hands finish the limbs, calloused palms and short fingernails completing the weathered look of this boy.

A defined, but not overly large torso completes the upper body. Well developed pectoral muscles and abs are visible. The man is lithe enough that his serratus anterior muscles are as defined as the rest of his body and visible. The man's athletic build is finished by some highly toned thighs and calves, as well as a slim backside that squares off the man's rather angular look.

Currently the man is wearing a rope necklace with small beads that separate large fish fangs. Three on either side curved inwards with a center stone that is oval and ebony in colour. His torso is bare while two tethers are wrapped about the top part of the man's bicep. On his legs, the man wears a light tan coloured fold of cloth that goes down to the end of his knees with a fur line at the waist. On both feet are a pair of laced up sandals that rise to the man's mid-calf. His toes are exposed to the elements.


Shae was born on the Eastern Ring Islands. Son of a brigand and a thief, Shae wasn't raised with the greatest of environments. Even criminals set up their own holds when left to their own devices. Originally born into Wave Break Hold, Shae was raised with the hopes that one day he would return to a Weyr and make his parents proud. They may have been exiled, but it didn't mean they didn't have their pride. As one can imagine, the islands were not a place where people simply lived out their days in luxury. Life was tough and even a boy had to earn his way in the hold. Shae learned different skills while he grew up - most focusing on survival and being self-sufficient.

The Hold didn't have craft halls or experienced journeymen to benefit from. It was learn as you go. Even with limited resources available at Wave Break Hold, Shae excelled in his tasks and responsibilities. By his sixteenth turn, Shae was accomplished in hunting, fishing and basic equipment repair, making his a favourite among those in the Hold. Weathered by the elements and the harsh world of the islands, Shae was considered to be a man among his peers when he turned seventeen and when the next shipment of supplies arrived, he requested to be taken from the island. Naturally, he needed to wait for a response. There was no fuss, no argument - Shae was used to being patient. When the boats came back again, the decision had been made and Shae was transported from the island - free of his parents' forced exile, Shae left his house name behind and ventured forth to Xanadu Weyr, unsure of what his future would hold, but with a promise in his heart that he would make his parents proud.


Name Relation Location Position
Raleigh Father Exiled Convict
Ira Mother Exiled Convict




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