Before you is a young lady of 21 Turns, 4 months, and 23 days. She has short inky black hair which sticks out in all manners of directions in a sort of spiky style. Beneath delicate brows her eyes are an oddly golden colour, like a topaz gemstone, which seem to sparkle in the right light. The young Lady is fair-skinned without a blemish upon her complexion. Her body, while short of height, has grown from slender and delicate to the physique of a dragonrider, strength is hidden beneath lean muscle with a complete lack of 'baby fat' any longer. It's noticeable that she's been working out since impressing her green, she's got an inner strength, though she'll still likely forever be the same shy Future Lady of Igen Hold that she's always been.

Today Serena is once again clothed in harper blue and black. However currently she wears upon small body the full flight leathers of a typical dragonrider. The pants she wears are a clean crisp black, certainly well cared for. On upper torso is worn a blouse of Harper blue beneath a softly padded and warm-looking flight jacket of the same colour, with thick padding to ensure warmth while between. On her feet are worn well-polished workboots in a polished black. Around her neck is worn a thin silver chain from which hangs a pendant of a green dragon in flight. Upon her shoulder is pinned the knot of a Harper Apprentice along with an Ierne Weyrhold knot shot through with a strand of green.


Serena is the Fourth child of Lord and Lady Igen. Since she was not the oldest, she got out of all the learning to take over the hold like her oldest brother who will someday be heir was. She was mostly raised by the various hold nannies. She took interest in the Harper Craft throughout her lessons and was sent off to become an Apprentice Harper at the age of 16. She impressed a lovely bronze firelizard from an egg that her parents had given her for her 16th birthday and named him Alyn, or Al for short. So now here she is, an Apprentice Harper, doing what apprentices do best: making friends and learning, or getting into mischief, depending on her mood.

A sneak peek at the eggs hardening on the sands soon found the young Lady-to-be not an apprentice harper, but a candidate awaiting the outcome upon the sands. Her parents had high hopes, of course, Serena would impress the gold and then they'd have a foot in with the weyr, this search thing could be used to their advantage. Serena, however, decided from the start that she didn't relish the thought of impressing the big shiny prize that so many other girls wanted, she wanted excitement, if she was to impress she wanted to ride a fighting dragon!

Hatching day was hectic, the noise and the bustle. She barely had started on her lunch when the dragons had started humming and she was whisked away. In the barracks she was fumbling for robe and sandals, sliding them on numbly. Then it was out to the sands, they were hot and looming. Then the cracks added to the noise and she stood watching as dragonet after dragonet found their chosen partners. She was busy watching a couple of blues when she first heard that tiny voice in her head, then her attention was on the small roly poly green and impression was made. She was a weyrling now, not a future Lady or a Harper, a greenrider was what she was meant to be!

So weyrlinghood was…challenging to say the least, with the clumsiest dragon in her class the greenpair spent most of their time playing catch up in between visits to the healers for both dragon and rider. Akiith was just too accident prone, but she never got into any serious trouble.

Well, not until the day after graduation, Akiith had been looking rather bright and glowy during the ceremony so it was no surprise to the weyr, well most of the weyr anyway, when she decided to rise for her first mating flight the day after graduation. The bad thing about being the clumsiest dragon in the weyr? Yeah, it's when you're trying to be graceful and fast and fail..miserably. Akiith's first flight was one for her rider to remember, though the green herself has since forgotton what happened. Whatever happened wound up with her wing being snagged wrong as she got in the middle of a couple of males, both trying to catch her for the win. And when two bigger dragons are after the same smalldragon, sometimes bad things happen to the one in the middle, Akiith's wing was snagged badly during the flight and, though she managed her flight, she was left with some very bad damage to her left wing. Wing injuries are often some of the worse for dragons, and Akiith found herself being checked over by the dragonhealers who decided maybe she should be sent to Ierne Weyrhold for further healing, which is where she is now, and the healers say she may never fly the same way again.


Name Relation Location Position
Lord Igen Father Igen Hold Lord Holder
Lady Igen Mother Igen Hold Lady Holder




Camouflage patterns compact quarters with sagebrush and skybroom, a perfect desert patina of faded green and greenwood: for all the mottled splotches, her coloration cannot detract from the roly-poly innocence that curves rotund haunches, slides over well-padded ribs and slinks over the short breadth of her stocky neck only to puff cheeks into chubby half-domes of near-ridiculous childish proportion. Comic indeed could describe the pudgy rounds of wide headknobs and wideset eyes: so wide, in fact, that she forever carries a perpetual look of startlement, the sole bloom of color a vivid and verdant plume of aloe green sweeping as high-arched eyeridges. Despite the broad stance of stocky paws and the nearly noble expanse of dusted-sage wingsail, that expression forever marks her quizzical, her regard forever speaking, 'who, me?'

The small green's hide has been marked by quite a few scars. But the most noticeable is a nasty scar of pale hide which mars the small green's left wing, it looks to have been made by some sort of accident and seems to cause her to favour that wing a bit as she moves and flies, but at least the wing still appears functional.

About Akiith's shoulders rests a set of flying straps in a deep green colour. The straps are well-cared for and thickly padded to prevent chafing of her lovely mottled hide. The straps have a pair of saddlebags built into them for holding various items.


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