Played by Amalie Schmidt
Gender Female
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Occupation Jman Weaver
Hair Long, pale blond
Eyes Grey
Song Sia - Elastic Heart


A wisp of a girl, Sephany is all lanky limbs and long, pale blonde hair. Skinny, her five and a half foot frame is willowy and light, without nearly enough meat on her. Her face is feminine, with a delicate bone structure, wide, grey-eyes, gently sloped nose and soft pink lips. The rest of her form lacks true curves, with just a hint of suggestion that she is a woman. Her skin is pale, with only a soft touch of a rosy tinge across her nose and cheeks, a brush of sunburn that refuses to become a tan. Her long, pale blonde hair hangs past her waist when left loose, often flying about in a halo of static electricity.

During the summer, Sephany favors light, fluttery fabrics in pale colors. Always dresses, wispy and whimsical in design, pale pink or blue, sometimes lavender, always with an ethereal look or feel.

In the harsh winter she trades the light-weight fabrics for heavier wool or plush velvet, in deeper colors such as burgundy, and navy blue. Always dresses, long sleeves, square necklines and leather belts. Decorations come in ebroidery along the hem of neck, sleeves and skirt in flattering, contrasting colors. Inside she prefers a lighter shawl and fur-lined slippers. A thick cloak with a hood, gloves and heavy boots if she's outside.


Sephany is the eighth child of Maurlyna of Igen Weyr and Straeven of Ista Weyr. It was an odd arrangement for the pair; living apart but managing to produce eight children between them. Sephany is privileged to have six older sisters and one older brother, in that order. Bringing up the rear means she was perpetually the baby, and dotted on my friends and family, though none more so than her older brother Sevran. Three Turns her senior, she loved him from the moment she saw him, and the feeling was mutual. While she had little time for her older sisters, she was stuck to Sevran like glue, following him around and bothering him endlessly. But for all of that, he seemed to adore her, and they grew close even through the Turns.

From an early age, she adored dressing up and being creative with clothing. Though not a fashionista like her older sisters, she developed a passion for expressing herself through fabric, and would take great pains to choose colors and cuts that fit her frame and flattered her. So it was really no surprise when, as she neared her fifteenth turnday, she decided to apprentice to the Weaver craft, with her eyes set upon becoming a tailor. It was bittersweet to leave her brother, but she made the choice for her own future, excited at the possibilities more than she was the loss. And while Sevran went on to become S'van when he Impressed bronze Aedeluth at Half Moon Bay Weyr, Sephany chose a posting at Fort, enjoying the change of climate that the northern Weyr provided.

For the first time, Sephany found herself free of parental and brotherly supervision, and with a level of freedom that she had not experienced before. But with freedom comes responsibility, which is something that the young weaver did not display. Drinking, dancing, and a few too many lost inhibitions later, and the young weaver is dealing with the consequences of her actions in a much bigger way than she ever anticipated. Pregnant and guilt-ridden over the circumstances that got her that way, she moved back home to Igen until the baby was born. A beautiful boy she named Jaspyr, she left him to be fostered by her mother and sisters in the desert and returned to Fort Weyr with a healthy dose of reality and appreciation for moderation.

Almost one turn later, and an entirely new set of circumstances have temporarily relocated the young apprentice to Xanadu Weyr to put life experience to use as she helps a friend during the later stages of her own pregnancy. Funny how life works.


Name Relation Age to Seph Location Position
Maurlyna Mother +38 Igen Weyr Baker
Straeven Father +43 Ista Weyr Handyman
Maevenna older sister +18 unknown stay-at-home mama
Surynna older sister +16 unknown Journeyman Harper
Evellan older sister +13 unknown Stay-at-home mama
Auresta older sister +11 unknown Cotholder's wife
Mylaena older sister +7 unknown Journeyman Healer
Estraly older sister +5 unknown Stay-at-home mama
S'van - PC older brother +3 Monaco Bay Weyr Weyrleader
Jaspyr Son -17 Igen Weyr (Fostered) Child

Friends and Influences (for good or ill)

Who What Where Why Notes
I'am Bluerider/Harper Fort Weyr Friend / Little-brother type Blue Toskavath
J'en Wingleader Monaco Bay Weyr S'van's weyrmate Bronze Leketh
Lani Greenrider/Healer Xanadu Weyr Best friend <3 Green Rosalyth
Lu'ka Bronzrider/Harper Fort Weyr Friend Bronze Roth
R'hra Bronzerider/Hunter Fort Weyr Friendly friend Bronze Wiliyeth
Risali Weyrwoman Xanadu Weyr Dance Partner / Confidant Gold Leirith
Tanit Weyrwoman Half Moon Bay Weyr Friend Gold Chauth


(E) = explicit

Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty
Daya - Hide Away
No Doubt - Just A Girl
Hey Violet - Guys My Age
Halsey - Bad At Love
Major Lazer (feat. Wild Belle) - Be Together
Selena Gomez - Me & My Girls
Sia - Elastic Heart
Sia - Chandelier
The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This
Tove Lo - Moments (E)
Niykee Heaton - Bad Intentions
Bebe Rexha - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Olivia O'Brien - Empty (E)


Peaceful Jade Green Thimble
The essence of the most glorious of stones, the peaceful translucent shades of jade, dips across poised shoulders and slinks over the serrated edge of this petite firelizard's neckridges. It tumbles into the serene lavenders and soft ambers that fleck willowy wingsails and flat, beaked tail spade. Slender fingers of fern reach, sheathed in dove grey that crumble slowly, across the brilliantly gleaming hide on her neck, flanks, and tail; intelligently shadowed eyes whirl slowly 'neath glowing white headknobs.

Singing in the Rain Blue Harper
This fellow seems confused about what color he really is. Mostly shades of blue with hints of many colors swirled into his hide. Dark grey muzzle sweeps into tan and rust back over his head and down around his throat, and slender neck. His body is like pale smoke, a faint trace of blue compared to the rest of his vivid coloring. Wings and tail could be crafted from turquoise, the same shade that brushes over his eyeridges. Cobalt trails run over and under his wingsails, back and tail; lines of paint running where it shouldn't. The contrast giving an eye-catching effect that's pleasing to the senses. The same dark grey of his muzzle edges his wings and talons, he could very well be a living 'sketch' when he's not in motion.


Additional logs located on Sephany's Fort Weyr Character page: Sephany.

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