Long in body, her shape is noticeably lean and muscular with a wiry strength about her. Unfinished and rugged in appearance her frame carries many little scars and scrapes, that are scattered over her well tanned skin. A thin face with high cheek bone's is framed by light brown hair, that barely touches her shoulders and is not overly kept but left to fall where ever it please's which is usually curling around her face. Though an attempt has been made with a clip to hold back anything that would inpair vision. Her legs are long and seem lanky, hinting that she is probably swift on her feet. Dark jade eyes and long eyelashes seem to be the center point of this woman.


Born at Tillek hold to Ellenku and Sarinyan, her father a proud member of the sea craft and her mother a master weaver, Senkyou was always instilled with a sense of pride in ones work, as well as a work ethnic. The independent streak always nurtured when she was younger, soon overwhelmed the best of nannies. The solution was to send her to sea with her father, fishing, cooking, and soon becoming one of crew. At the age of 15 it became apparent to Sarinyan that Senkyou was no longer a little girl, and it was also noted that she did not act like a lady. After long meetings with her mother it was decided to leave her at the hold for a while, to teach her how to be feminine. This compounded the problem, as hard headed Senk rebelled against her elders and left the hold. Following the shore for six sevendays, and ending up at a small cot hold where she became increasingly useful her skills where what was important not her sex, or how she chose to display it. This developed into her becoming Co-captain of a fishing boat know as Scuttle.


Name Relation Location Position
Ellenku Mother Tillek Hold Holder
Sarinyan Father Tillek Hold Sailor
Selirn Sibling Tillek Hold Holder
Erani Sibling Xanadu Weyr Rider to Todraith
L'ter Ex-Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider to bronze Mesekteth
Serenity Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Leterou Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Zalyu Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Zoniya Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Good Night Moon Bronze Azento
Pale, brassy bronze dances delicately over this bronze's body, silvery undertones sliding over his body, golden-bronze hues pooling like craters upon his belly, his back. Wings seem almost iridescent, greens and reds shimmering here and there upon the large sails as bronze tickles both rust and copper, similar hints visible upon his tail, upon his lean neck. A dark bronze spot resides between his eyes, on the top of his flattened nose.

Nimble Faerie Blue Sprite

Off the Wire Blue Fritz

Warrior Maiden of the Jungle Green Selva
Verdant foliage, a bright, jungle green, tumbles mercilessly about this large, lengthy firelizard, sprouting over lithe limbs and fine bones. She looks as though she's struggled through half of Ista's jungles, so vivid is the hue of her hide. Tangles of vines twine over her shoulders, covering the tops of her wings with their mostly uniform hue. Her wingsails, however, are anything but uniform - a smattering of green, brown and the occasional glint of gold dapples the nearly translucent membranes, the hues glowing almost prettily should the light catch them. Her curved, sharp talons gleam a wicked copper, sinuous tail curving almost defiantly about her.


Ribbons and Banners Brown Dulacth
Faded cinnamon brown is the basis for this dragon's hide. From the velvety expanse that shadows his head and back to his windswept headknobs, to the plush resilience that marks the hide along his neck. Thick shoulders, bulky with muscle trail back into the rest of a body that is stolidly built, although leaner than his front would at first suggest. Satiny hide showcases across his flanks, softer than suede as it reflects back in warm toasty brown hues and the color continues to slide on down, to a near perfect match on his feet with their arched, curved crescent talons. Cinnamon again colors his wings, a luxuriant expanse of near transparent membrane that stretches across from wingspars and seems barely supported by the fragile slightly darker marked boning beneath. Satin appears again on the edges of his sails, delicate and silky smooth to even out the appearance, from smallest wingtip to body.


Title OOC Date Cast
Infirmary Next Day March 01, 2009 D'had, Senkyou, Shellie, Thea
Baby Abandonment April 04, 2009 Enkavir, Kire, Myra, Senkyou, Thea
Sneaking on the Ridge May 25, 2009 Rogawani, Senkyou, Tharen, Thea
New Sleeping Arrangement June 03, 2009 Keziah, Senkyou
So You Think You Can Dance June 05, 2009 B'ky, Cenlia, F'yr, Jessamin, Keziah, Liya, Morlanol, Rogawani, Satoris, Senkyou, Thea
A Flood? 2008 R'in Senkyou Z'kiel
Ovine Run Amok March 2009 Cenlia, Senkyou, Shellie, Thea, T'maz, Y'ki, X'hil
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