A pale heart-shaped face with a smattering of freckles is the set for this young woman's piercing blue eyes, often narrowed in concentration from behind horn-rimmed spectacles. Selaine's wavy black hair is pulled back into a messy knot, some tangles framing her face and others sticking straight out. Unassuming in stature and wardrobe, she is of average height and favors comfortable, well-worn clothes often scrounged from the storage - baggy shirts, holey trousers and unwashed socks. Clearly, she's no high-maintenance girl. Selaine is 22 Turns, 3 months, and 19 days old.


Selaine grew up a Xanadu weyrbrat of mixed origin, her seamstress mother a traditional sort who became taken with a transient fixit from the Techcraft possessed of wit and quick humor. Familiar with the bustling Weyr and its trading routes, she often rode back and forth with her father as time permitted. It was easy enough for the precocious Crafter's daughter to pick up knowledge along the way and apply her own experimental touches to computer terminals back home. As an older girl and young woman Selaine has never officially entered into the Techcraft despite her yen for tinkering with technology of all kinds; she much prefers to stay where she can play unofficial tech support for her extended circle of acquaintances. Here and there a posted Journeyman may take her under supervision - it could be said that Sel believes very much in being allowed (and allowing others) to try their hand at learning everything possible, no fancy knot required.


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