Pale green eyes can found more often than not hiding under bushy black eyebrows. Their color fits nicely with this young man's pale white skin but the smattering of light freckles that slip over his nose and across both cheeks definitely do not. Curly locks of ebon are kept cropped short, but not overly so, as they still appear to require the use of a comb. Lanky limbs are quite proportional to the slender body, but he looks like someone many turns younger in age. His meager height of just 5'3" brings him towering over just about nobody, but again, the rest of his slight form definitely fits with his lack of stature. He also has ears that like to flap about in the breeze, or at the very least stick out much more than those with normal ones.

Dark brown pants puff out from the teen's hips, flaring out before diving into his knee high black boots. A simple long sleeved cream shirt is tucked in and held in place by an overly large black belt while a simple lighter brown vest can be found more often than not around his chest. Gloves, the same hue of his pants, are another thing that he is often found sporting, and if they aren't on his hands they're shoved into his back pants pocket. Three strings of hide are wrapped around his neck, an assortment of shells, bone, and wood tied to them, perhaps some kind of keepsakes.

He most definitely does not look the 16 Turns, 10 months, and 19 days he is.


Saya and Kalkakin had always wanted children but the time never seemed right. They never made all that many marks doing what they did, but they found it rewarding. His mother so did love those runners. Or so that's what Kalkakin always told his eldest son when asked. Saykin always thought it had more to do with the same reason he took up the reins, their parents were part of it and lectured their children until they decided to stick with it. Either way Saykin and his twin sister were born to the couple well into their lives and once they were born Saya decided she had to get all of the babies out of the way. Their younger brothers were born just a year behind each other before their mother was content with their family and decided to get back into the swing of her craft.

It turned out that Saykin was, as his mother liked to say, blessed. He personally found his lack of inches and slight build more of a curse, but when racing runners being small definitely had its advantages. Perhaps it was the fact that he'd pretty much been born on a runner's back, but he always felt a kinship of sorts with the animals and it really was no surprise to his parents that as he got older he started having more eyes turn towards him in the racing world. Being a little on the young side to be able to be in the big races hasn't seemed to stop his ego from running away with itself however and he sees himself as big news (even if he's really not).

He spent a lot of his life moving around since his parents sometime had issues finding work. At the moment he's taking some time to get settled at Xanadu but who knows how long that will last.


Name Relation Age Location Position
Kalkakin Father
Saya Mother
Kalya Sister -0 turns
Kakyain Brother -1 turn
Siylan Brother -2 turns




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