A tall man, Satoris is still yet too young to gain the title of 'grizzled', but he's well on his way. Skin hardened by sun and work is a dark, nut brown: broken by cracks and various scars- one particular one etching it's way from just before his left ear and down his neck, towards his shoulder. A mop of black hair sits awkwardly upon his head; lengths varying from short above thick eyebrows to long about his ears. His eyes are a pale, pale blue — almost grey — and sit at odds with the rest of his appearance.

Clothing is simple: utilitarian and unadorned. A faded green tunic tucks into a pair of black slacks that fall, ragged, over a pair of brown and very well-worn boots. A brown leather jerkin is worn over the tunic and his belt looks near to splitting from age, wear, and the variety of tools and pouches that are upon it.



Born into life at Crom Hold, Satoris was destined to be prepared for a hard life from the start. His mother a midwife and his father the master of Whers, he understood hard work even from a young age. He got a fair amount of attention, mind, having been born ten years after his brother, Mathis. What this meant, however, was that his parents could even more instill their teachings and ideals into him. Life is tough - be tougher.
Figuring he may as well follow his father — much as his brother did — Satoris entered into the Mine Craft as soon as he was able: deigning to stay near to Crom for as long as he could. Nowhere else, even though all he had to go off of were stories, sounded as good. Shortly into his Apprenticeship, Satoris realized that his interests lay elsewhere: mining and spelunking. On a mission to check out a new mine, he fell in love with the deep, dark places of Pern and set off to make that his specialization.
Now, at the ripe age of twenty Turns, Satoris has achieved the status of Journeyman and the skills at surveying potential mining sites. However, a new challenge awaits him: there's no need for a man of his abilities at Crom… so he's been sent elsewhere into the world, to where they might very well need him.

Time at Xanadu:

Satoris has become well-steeped in the workings of Xanadu Weyr. Despite being the bane of Candidates everywhere and a fairly gruff individual overall, he seems to get along with most. The mine he came to build has gotten well on its way and nears completion. While mostly producing firestone, there is the rare gem that comes forth: most going straight to the Smiths or the Mining Hall in Crom.
There was a relationship with the Junior Weyrwoman Zevida, but shortly before her gold flew for the first time during their relationship, the two had a falling out. Satoris turned to drinking and evicted a sharp change to him. This shifted, however, when another goldrider, Thea, forced him to recognize what was happening and try to make things better. As well as to focus upon his mine and the apprentices he oversaw.
After a refusal to Stand once, the next time he was asked, Satoris accepted and had to face life as a candidate, stripped — if perhaps only temporarily — of the rank he had. Candidacy was not full of turmoil, no, but there were certainly levels of stress. One large one being relations strained with Zevida throughout nearly the entirety of Candidacy. When the day the eggs hatched came, Satoris found himself still standing on the Sands. He very nearly returned to prior habits of alcoholism, but a request to move in with Zevida snapped him very quickly out of it.
Satoris dedicated himself further to the mine, as well as assisting in training of the new wherhandlers that Xanadu found themselves with. The mine is now running steadily and the incident rates have pretty much dropped entirely. He's begun planning a small research and training hall to be built near the mine site to support the growing staff of Miners the Weyr hosts.
He has also, surprisingly, found himself a father. He and his weyrmate, Zevida, now have a son, Vatori. It's made Sat more aware of children and he's often a bit more reserved and careful.

Current Day:

When Thea's gold Seryth laid her eggs upon the sands at Xanadu, temporarily sharing them with Kilaueth's clutch, Satoris found himself Searched once again. There was less delay than there had ever been in the past, the man changed somehow from his first time out on the Sands. Soon he was re-settled into the barracks, missing his weyrmate and son, but in a situation that was quite familiar. As the oldest — so it would seem — candidate, he's taken the others under his wing. At least some of them…


Apollo of Flits Bronze Bronze
A giant among firelizards, this calm and regal bronze's size is the first thing that is most noticeable. Muscles ripple down his broad chest to powerful hindquarters; even his billowing wings cast a shadow, enough to match even a queen firelizard. A square yet elegant face is dipped in dark bronze halfway across his muzzle before the rest of him is finely chiseled out of sandy bronze, even his high pointed headknobs. The light metallic sheen of his massive body is nearly all uniform, darkening only around the curve of his legs and the underside of his open sails, only to dull back down at the ends of his long long legs with sharp inky black claws. While his body is large and heavy, his tail whips out behind him in a fine thin appendage.

Clueless and Cheery Feline Brown Brown
This cute yet brave little brown strongly resembles a barn cat. His furry reddish brown hide ripples richly in tawny and Savannah browns that fade to a clear, crystaline brown color over his long and narrow sails. His rounded muzzle is almost golden in its color, and hints of the same gold stick up from the dust of his lean and attractive front and back talons. Surprisingly his tiny obsidian nails are smaller than the talons of other browns. But this charming and lovable little brown doesn't need claws to make an impression, look at his cute little tomcat brown tail and the winning way he curves his cinnamon back.

Lord of Hatred Brown Ugly
Painfully thin and tinged the colour of burned flesh, this little brown is far from the prettiest specimen of his species. His headknobs are enlarged, twisting away from his head like horns, while his nose is blunted and almost sunken back into his face. Every bone can be seen along his chest, the hide paling to a more orange hue where it is stretched to its fullest, and always seeming on the verge of splitting. His legs and tail are crooked, and ebony talons dominate feet that seem to have no discernable toes. His wingspars are pale, ethereal, a feature echoed in the sails that fall around him as a strange beige fog.

"A Runner-Faced Monster!" Blue Blue
A dark, dark blue covers this hatchling, so dark that one can really only see the blue when the light hits him just right. His eyes seem to gleam oddly in any light, no matter what color they are. The blue's muzzle is rather blunt and rounded, almost like a runner. His teeth are sharp like a firelizard's, though…undoubtedly those are the teeth of a meat-eater.
The blue of his hide seems to darken even more on the wings, until they are literally black. Those wings are wide, easily large enough to carry him soaring on small thermals, and a tiny black claw at the end of each spar. Neck and back ridges are streaked with a glossy black that stands out from the dark blue because of its sheen.
A few things are odd about this little firelizard. First, the patterns on his back legs look almost like…fur? Of course, they aren't; but they're a feathery blue-gray. And second, while his front feet look rather normal for a firelizard, his back feet look almost…hooflike? They aren't, but they're quite rounded on the sides and flat on the bottom.


Name Relation Location Position
Sathin father Crom Hold WherHandler
Trista mother Crom Hold Midwife
Mathis brother Telgar Weyr Sr. Jman Miner
Zevida weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman
Vatori son Xanadu Weyr child

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