Sandy blond hair falls in a disordered mop into this youngster's gray eyes, causing him to constantly need to brush it back. He's relatively tall and lean, the weathered creases of his face making him appear older than his 19 turns, with the metabolism of an active young man. He's deeply tanned from a lifetime spent outdoors, and his exposed skin is covered in freckles.

He's dressed comfortably in a loose fitting white shirt and tan trousers. He has the knot of a Sea Craft journeyman pinned to the shoulder of a light brown wherhide vest. His shoes are heavy-duty gray canvas slip-ons with white rubber soles. Aside from his knot, his clothing is without adornment or embellishment.


Samuven was born at Rubicon River Hold, the son of a Dolphineer and her Sea Crafter mate. His father was at sea when he was born, so his naming was put off for almost a month so Lorcan could be there. Sam had a happy childhood until he was eight. Shortly after his nameday, a storm hit just off the coast and his mother went out with her dolphin partner to rescue passengers that had been wrecked. While Gorge, the dolphin, returned, Quennessa did not. His father, second mate of the ship he sailed on, with no other options since neither he nor his mate had family close enough to entrust their son to, took Sam abord ship several years before he planned on. While he was not officially apprenticed until after his thirteenth birthday (two days before his nameday), he started learning how to sail and took on small duties just a month after his mother died. He worked hard, surviving two ships sinking (one due to human error and one because of a storm), and was tapped as a journeyman a few months before his nineteenth turn.


Name Relation Location Position
Lorcan Father At Sea SeaCraft Master (Captain)
Quennessa Mother Deceased Journeyman Dolphineer




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