Dark hair cropped around a pale face is the make of this child, glimmers of red highlighting the chocolate tresses when light is available. Sitting in a triangular face is a pair of hazel blue eyes, accompanied with thin brown brows, a narrow nose covered in freckles and lips not quite bow shaped, but not thin. Her height at her age is rather short, having not yet grown into the spurt stage of her development. In spite of this, her limbs and fingers/toes retain a marked willowyness, suggesting more of a genetic trait then anything.

Adorned on her form is just rather plain attire, a white shirt that looks a little too baggy for her frame sitting on her shoulders, sleeves ending at her elbows even as the bottom hem travels well past her belt loops. The shirt gives a bit of a tunic look, without the belting, and drifts a little to her thighs before revealing a pair of wherhide brown pants. The pants are a bit worn, the knees and hem ends almost a bit tannish in color in comparison to the rest. Finishing her simplistic look are a pair of brown boots, looking a bit more worn and scuffed up then her pants Suggesting a highly active child this one just might be.

On her shoulder she wears the colors of Xanadu, nothing special about the design other then marking her as a regular resident. Sewn in where it probably shouldn't be, is a bluerider's badge, even though her knot says otherwise…


Born to M'iri and S'ver of Xanadu Weyr, Samira was raised under the typical expectations of any rider child-if not spoiled as much as a rider's child would be. Not too long after she was old enough, the lass was put into the fostering group at Xanadu, where both her parents could continue their duties to the Weyr, and at the same time keep an eye on their only child.

Raised in that environment, and with a father who seemed more rough then coddling(Though Samira and Miir might say otherwise), Samira wasn't given the option to become spoiled, but her curiousity met no bounds and she was humored in every aspect of that curiousity, having seen more of Pern then most people have in their lifetimes. For a while, she stayed at both Ista and Xanadu incrementally, visiting S'ver's family from time to time when S'ver was able to take the time to visit. It wasn't until after the sudden separation of her parents that Samira decided to stay in Xanadu Weyr with her mother, taking a bit of a liking to her mother's technological interests.

Exposure to both her father, and the morbid personality of her mother's dragon, Kieranth, has given the lass a very solemn and un-ruffled personality, which has earned her teasing from time to time from her peers. But over all, she has learned to ignore the taunting and continues to grow under the tutelage of both Xanadu Weyr's nannies, and her mother…


Name Relation Location Position Dragon/wher
S'ver Father Ista Weyr bluerider Blue Dajath
M'iri Mother Xanadu Weyr Wingleader Blue Kieranth
C'rro Step-father Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider Bronze Lupiciuth
Keldan Foster brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Midran Uncle Tillek Hold Deceased
R'nel Uncle Eastern Weyr Brownrider Brown Perrinth
Jheina Aunt Ierne Weyrhold Goldrider Gold Talisyth
Chriel Aunt Xanadu Weyr Greenrider Green Daimoath
Riana Neice Ierne Weyrhold Weyrbrat
Mirian Grandfather Tillek Hold Hold Resident
Eriel Grandmother Tillek Hold Hold Resident
Mallorn 2nd Cousin Minecraft Master(Lapidary)
Andreia 3rd Cousin Minecraft Wherhandler Green Andsk




There are no RP logs for Samira


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