Saige's hair is a dark brown that fades into a light honey brown at the tips. Tightly braided against her head, it reaches down to mid-back, where it's tied off in a green colored ribbon. Hazel eyes, sharp, inquisitve, peer out of a heart shaped face with a pointed chin. Thin lips help offset a button nose. She's slim, and a bit tall at around 5'9.

Saige's clothes are simple, as it comes: she wears a pair of weathered brown boots, and black trousers. Tucked into the trousers are a sage-green tunic, with tied off sleeves at her elbow. She carries a small pack that rests on her side, and has a small faded ribbon with a simple dragon charm on it on her right wrist.


The second daughter and youngest child of L'kae and Saia, Saige was born in Ierne Weyrhold and brought up with the blessings of the whole hold. L'kae was a brown rider, and Saia was a healer stationed to the hold that fell in love and had both girls. Her older sister was never around much, being quite a few years older, and when Saige was just three she was sent off to the main Healing school at Fort Hold- an Ierne brat, one might say.

Saige then was brought up around both dragon and healing proccesses; when she turns eight, she boldy asked her mother and father to go to the Ierne School for DragonHealing, not to much surprise or startlement. She wasn't offically allowed to train, but she could watch. Although never really shown a passion for really riding a dragon, she showed one in being able to take care of one when it was hurt. An easily biddable soul, she was happy to just go around and hold materials for the certified DragonHealers; post that period, when she was fourteen, she was offically accepted and started training to actually become certified.

For the next four years, Saige would see little of L'kae or Saia, or of any of her real Ierne family, as she called them. Instead, she was too busy learning about the sicknesses and illnesses that can befall a dragon, learning how to treat hidecrack infections, and how to spot constipation- to most, a nasty, semi-disgusting job, but for Saige, it seemed just as normal as anything else out there. When she turned just seventeen and a half, she was awarded her level two certification for dragonhealing.

Extremely pleased with herself, Saige continued on her lessons with a dedicated, firm vengance; to become adn treat the dragons as her friends, not just as patients, and to reassure the riders in question; for she herself understands that dragons are improtant for everything, and are as needed on Pern as anything else is. She sat the 'tests' needed and recived her level three certification once again, shortly after her twentieth and a half birthday.

Now an offical, Certified Dragonhealer, Saige turned back to her family, and the discussed the obvious: where to go from there. Considering her passion, Saia suggusted heading to the High Tech Hatching Facility and the DragonHealer School Annex in Xanadu. L'kae and Saige both liked this idea, and with bags packed, it was off to Xanadu she goes.

Life at Xanadu Weyr was as typically normal as can go; from day one Saige hit it off interestingly enough to say with a variety of people. Neferennu, friend and Dragonhealer confidante, Journeyman miner Satoris; Aradir the clockmaker, and Thea the amazingly fun … well, Thea. She quickly joined the closeknit group of people and after Ellamariseth clutched, she was approached by Sophyrinth and S'ya to stand. Of course- she accepted. Life as a candidate was even more interesting than most, and needless to say, several miner journeyman(or just one) and a few certain other candidates got pranked- quite badly. However, as the oldest of the bunch, Saige was challenged to keep up with the group, which she did so his vivacity and playfullness; although she's got a playful streak a milewide, she's as mature as her DragonHealing Mentor K'vin is.

At the hatching, Saige was kidnapped by Lurking in the Forest Green Ulaekimajith to be hers and hers alone- and so it was. Thus, alone with Thea and Aradir now A'dar, the group forged an even closer bond and happily stuck by each others sides. Through interesting manned flights and embarrasing as all things during mating flights, it was flare and fun that they kept the Weyrling master on their toes.

At the Graduation of Ellamariseth's Weyrlings, Saige was called up after A'dar and given to M'iri and the Nebula-Technology wing. Although somewhat surprised at the wing choice, she realizes that as a DragonHealer with access to all of the Annex's computers, it would be a smart idea to put her in there. She of course, didn't mind, and at a firelizard hatching that night impressed - irony of ironies - green Camuflar.

However, even later than that, Ulaekimajith rose. For the first time. Normally this would not be TOO out of the ordinary, except A'dar's Blue Zeituth caught Ulaekimajith… and the next morning, she kicked HIM out. It led to a discussion between the riders woh agreed on some things and now, they are both on a set path… towards what, who knows?


Name Relation Location Position
L'kae Father Ierne Weyrhold Brownrider to Bretath
Saia Mother Ierne Weyrhold Journeywoman Healer
Laisa Sister Journeyman Healer
Zeiton Son Xanadu Weyr Child


Summer's Treasure Green Camuflar
Purely green, without a trace of other hues, the hide on this firelizard slips smoothly over her abundantly curved body, from her rounded shoulders and haunches to her delicately carved and molded head and tail. She has a set of delicate wings, somewhat oversized and with a fancy swirling pattern across her wingsails in that same bright green hues, even as her membranes are nearly transparent and cause that pattern to reflect across her belly and on again to narrow feet with sharp talons.


Lurking in the Forest Green Ulaekimajith
While this average sized green lacks uniqueness in her build she certainly makes it up with her coloring. Her broad maw is dipped in a deep forest green, creeping down her thick neck and halting at her barrel chest. Blotches of fern dapple over her hide, slipping along her wide forehead and stubby headknobs. Olive has been smeared under her large eyes, highlighting their bony structure and drawing one further into her gaze. All along her back fern, olive and forest green mingle, creating a camouflage pattern that could easily hide the dragon outdoors. Each of her sharply curved ridges is dipped in army green, muting their sharpness as they make their way down her whip-like tail. Springing out from her frame are two large wings, each speckled with the same shrouding shades of her top half, her needle like spars dipped in gray asparagus. Army green suffocates her stocky limbs, deepening to a green so dark that it can be mistaken with black as it reaches her large paws. In shocking contrast with the rest of her dull coloring the dragon's underbelly and tail are highlighted in vibrant honeydew. Streaks of lime crackle amongst the honeydew, brightening the hue even further.


Title OOC Date Cast
Weyrling Lesson: Betweening January 24, 2009 A'dar, R'miel, Saige, Thea, and V'dim (NPC)
Questioning the Weyrlings January 25, 2009 Niva, Saige, Thea, and Ysa
Weyrling Graduation, February 1, 2009 February 1, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niva, R'miel, Rohelte, R'sul, Saige, S'ya, Thea, Ysa, and Zipalla
Zeiton Arrives on Pern May 6, 2009 L'ton, Saige
Late Night Infirmary Babes May 7, 2009 Shellie, Saige, Karashi
Attack of the Flaming Ovine March 2009 Cenlia, Saige, Thea, Xylaihl
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